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The Bachelor Winter Games are near and the competition is fierce as \ contenders come to play and prove who’s on top. Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay will be joining the show as judge for the kissing contest.

“First you have to go to the Winter Games. It’s in the middle of Vermont. In the middle of nowhere. And then myself and then the current Bachelor who you’re watching now are all judging a kissing contest,” explained Lindsay.  “Some of them are ex’s from the show so that’s a little awkward.”

Not ashamed of receiving a good kiss Lindsay explains what the perfect kiss is for her. “Well for me it’s chemistry. Right? What kind of knocks you off your feet, takes you by surprise,” she expressed.

Of course Sybil being the journalist that she is, had to ask if Lindsay and fiancé Bryan Abasolo have set a wedding date yet.

“We don’t know yet. It’s just the same thing as last time,” said Lindsay. “We’re trying to figure out if it’s going to be televised or not. But the goal is this year.”

Just like that, Tom chimed in asking, “Yow want to get married on the cruise.” Although catching Lindsay off guard, she was very keen to the idea of it.

“That’s a. Is that an offer? I like that. Let’s talk,” she laughed. ” I like that. I think that’s a great idea too. If I can, contractually yes. You know that’s the lawyer in me. Contractually if I can, yes.”

Looks like there’s a chance that Lindsay and Abasolo could get married on the cruise. Now how fantastic would that be?