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Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes are ready for space!

The duo visited the NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida and learned about the ins-and-outs of space travel.

Watch the videos below to get a look at their visit.

VIDEO 1 | Astronaut Crew Quarters: Charles Bolden Jr. and Captain Winston Scott discuss what it’s like before a space mission with the Tom Joyner Morning Show.


VIDEO 2 | “Veggie Lab” Green Works: Lashelle Spencer talks with the Tom Joyner Morning Show about growing food in space.


VIDEO 3 | Astronaut Training Experience: Tom Joyner and Sybil take the astronaut training experience firsthand.

VIDEO 4 | Tom and Sybil talk with Astronaut Charles Bolden & Winston Scott. Chief Technologist Barbara Brown and EGS Strategic Communications Manager Kim Carter also talk about their experience working at The Kennedy Space Center.