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REACH Media was formed in January 2003 to develop, acquire and partner in quality media and marketing opportunities targeting the African American community and lifestyles. Tom Joyner, radio’s preeminent African-American entertainer REACH Media’s founder, chairperson and majority owner. The Tom Joyner Morning Show is the centerpiece of REACH Media. With the unprecedented sponsorship and advertiser success of The Tom Joyner Morning Show, REACH Media is making inroads in television, events, and commitments to a growing Internet presence. In addition to the popular Tom Joyner Sky Shows, REACH is also in the process of developing potential television and movie projects, as well as offering a major entertainment event targeted to African-Americans.

“This is more than a big step for those of us involved in REACH Media, it’s a big step for African-Americans,” said Joyner. “REACH Media represents a fresh approach to targeting and serving the African American community. Hopefully this approach will result in more opportunities.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show reaches more than 8 million listeners each week in more than 115 markets. BlackAmericaWeb.com has a growing web presence, with over 2,000,000 unique visitors a month and an average of over 28,000,000 page views per month. BlackAmericaWeb.com, launched in June 2001, is a broad-based effort to become a timely and credible source for news and information covering all aspects of daily life, featuring a wide array of viewpoints and perspectives. In launching BlackAmericaWeb.com, Tom Joyner, host of the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” endeavored to create an interactive, easy-to-use Internet community and comprehensive source of information for and about African-Americans. Providing visitors with relevant news and information produced by original writers and the Black press, and tools that help site visitors make informed decisions that affect their daily lives is our goal. Joyner envisions BlackAmericaWeb.com as a vehicle to leverage his tremendous popularity and to create a one-stop source that will bring African-Americans together.

“This is more than just a website,” said Joyner, the site’s founder and principal, whose morning drive time show is heard by more than 8 million people in more than 115 markets. “We want to bring together the African-American community like no one has ever done before.” The site, which is Joyner’s latest enterprise, builds off his drive to “inform, entertain and empower” African-Americans. BlackAmericaWeb.com is building upon the unparalleled ability of Tom Joyner to mobilize African-Americans. If you have a comment about a news story you have seen on BlackAmericaWeb, you can email news@blackamericaweb.com to submit your comments.

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20 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Aaron Brown on said:

    There is an article published in the U.S.A. Today by my grandson Louis Steptoe in reference to Father’s Day. It’s entitled “Father Figure Day”
    Louis is a Young 18 year old African American male, from Southeast D.C. His father was never there since the day he was borne. He credits his God father and Grandfather as male role models to help him nake it. He’s on his way to Syracuse College this fall.
    The Article is worth reading. Showing how othe black males, God fathers and Grandfathers are stepping up to save our young black males.

  2. Justin Staples on said:

    Hi, I am a sorta young first time author and plan to be published next month July or at latest August. I am the father of five and fell in love with the art of writing. I first started writing to simply help pay off my student loans and quickly found a hobble that I will probably be doing for the rest of my life. I am simply trying to pay off debts more quickly as well as trying to gain maximum exposure for my works. My book is called Glendale’s Knight and will be available soon. Please any help or exposure or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Jacqueline on said:

    My black, quadriplegic, senior citizen, army veteran father was assaulted by a police officer while in a medical facility. Who does that?! Seeking legal assistance….

  4. Mike on said:

    Recently, D.L ? Made the comment about the best way too have a steak or a steak prepared was or is rare.
    Back , in the days of the romans or gothic days that was the trend .
    But , he went on to claim that black people have a higher rate of colon cancer, is because, we char our meats .
    Stupid and completely fause on both accounts!
    Any meats that are prepared half or one quarter cooked ?
    Is dangerous. It opens up that meat for worms and other germs .
    And the reason it wasn’t cooked completely back 800 years ago, is the simple fact that kings or royals didn’t have the teeth to chew their foods .
    So to tell the public that ” the best way to have your steak is rare ” is idiotic!

  5. Ursula Antonina Marmtinez on said:

    I left a comment under the rasual Butler story 13138968177 6347 Floyd Street Detroit 48210 My family is trying to get out of this country and to france we’ve been enslaved in our home for more than 30 years an article was written about it in the Michigan Chronicle in 2012. It’s a joke here in Detroit.

  6. Marcella on said:

    I noticed that there are fewer uploads in the If You Missed It section the past 2 weeks. What’s going on? Wondering if it is a sign that eventually there will be no more If You Missed It followed by the final end to TMJS. I like to listen to as much as possible that I missed on the TJMS. I really liked it when it was possible to hear the entire morning show when it replayed every 4 hours, then they took that away. I am not able to listen to the show starting at 5 a.m.(CST) for 4 hours during the week.

  7. 1) Add 30 million Black Folks
    2) Every one buys 1 share ($57.68) of Starbucks Stock for each member our immediate family
    3) Guess who now has controlling shares in Starbucks NASDAQ: SBUX — us
    4) We take over the board and elect our own to run the company
    5) our board members (who work for us) set the policy
    6) Problem solved
    7) Rinse and repeat.

  8. I am a parent with a 21 year old son who has autism. He was diagnosed at 4 years old in West Palm Beach, FL. He is high function however, I believe that he would have been better off by being diagnosed much later. If I wrote a book it, they probably make it a movie. It would tell the truth about all the road blocks. The early diagnosis for a high functioning minority child with autism is a huge mistake.

  9. Susan R Schroeder on said:

    I am a 60 yr old “white” woman that has been listening to Tom Joyner since I was a teenager growing up in the Chicago suburbs. I love the dialogue he has, not only w/Sybil, but also all the guest hosts. However, I do have an issue w/ the fact that the broadcast is becoming more and more racist. Usually the first words out of Tom’s mouth are “what color was he/she?”. If you’re trying to promote racial unity, which I think you used to do at all times, why always break things down like that. I also noticed you give “no-to-less than none” air time if there is a “black shooter” that kills or injures white people. I love your show, I think both you & Sybil are coming from a good place, but please –you have become divisive in your own right–, just like someone we all know and are embarrassed to call “President”…

  10. Alan Martin on said:

    Starbucks is the least of my concerns right now. Let’s talk about something different and it’s about something I heard earlier on your show as I was driving to a meeting on HIV prevention and education. It was both insensitive, ignorant, misguided as well as dangerous to equate the spread of HIV the aliens to Ebola and other communicable diseases. There was nothing funny nor comical about it, in fact I was quite angry by it. Comments like that and mindset in the black community are the reasons that the BLACK community has the highest rates of newly diagnosed HIV cases. That’s in both male and females. It’s mindsets like that that create that kind of environment because people in the black community are scared to discuss it.

  11. Months before the shooting an app I play had a names of the characters that you used to play. The names were were turning up as people I heard of before. Some my kids teachers and some in a FBI civilian investigation dept possibly. One of the names was Stephon Clark and another Zoe Clark… they rent rooms to people at studio 55 / paladin security and work with Sacramento/ Placer Sheriff’s to put voice in peoples heads via (voice to skull torture) I’m credible. Look into it. The voices are real. The science has been proven. He may have been murdered intentionally or assinatated. Possibly framed. It was a fall out 4 app.

  12. Shirley Bryant on said:

    Did we miss something about Roland’s guest and voter suppression/fraud? A tax frauder goes to jail, rights not restored and she register to vote, goes to vote, name not found, sent provisional ballot, arrested for voter fraud. The reason I ask is because a person whose civil rights had not been restored (10 year wait period) is ineligible to vote, right? And, using a person who has committed fraud before might not be the best example.

  13. Jerry on said:

    Tom! They’re replaying the entire Coachella experience this coming weekend so you will be able to see B performance.

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