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Reach an audience of more than 1.5 million ACTIVE, AFFLUENT, AFRICAN-AMERICAN adults at BlackAmericaWeb.com. Backed by nationally syndicated radio personality, Tom Joyner, BlackAmericaWeb.com provides visitors a spirited, interactive and fun interactive community.


4 thoughts on “Advertise

  1. Amy Brown Walker on said:

    Hello. I recently wrote a book entitled: In Remembrance of Deliverance. I would like to have it advertise as widely as possible. This is a real life testimony of falling from my calling only to engage in pornography. My experiences during this period was dark, deadly, and destructive. Oh but for the grace of God. Can you provide information on advertising please? God bless you.

  2. Greetings I am the CEO of royal bitcoin a cryprocurrency I developed thats backed by the only unclaimed land in the world that I claimed on the bitcoin blockchain as a platform for African Americana and refugees to build on and have their own decentralized country. I would like to spread awareness because I built it but I have no platform to let people know

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