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Chrisette Michele took a career-threatening figurative beating from her fans for agreeing to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. But this year, Tom Joyner personally invited her to perform on the 2019 Fantastic Voyage and told the audience it was time to forgive the embattled singer. The audience responded positively, applauding the singer and one-time reality TV star,  which gave Michele some much-needed vindication.

Here, she talks about why she did the show, what she’s learned from social media and how she stood on faith.



Do you think it’s time to forgive Chrisette? 

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11 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele Talks Trump, Social Media And Faith [VIDEO]

  1. Rene on said:

    I still love you Chrisette and will always enjoy your music.
    I’m sorry all these judgemental, high horse, I’ve NEVER done anything wrong people are casting stones that if we saw thier life as an open book, we wouldn’t be able to recognize them because they would be knotted from head to toe!
    She performed! And with another black artist!
    She didnt marry the man!
    I will never support that man, but Chrisette Michele has never done anything to me.

    R. Kelly. Is there really a comparison? I bet you still listen to his music!
    Keep your head up madam!
    And let all these sanctified people keep casting stones.. Whether they kniw it or not, The stones they cast have already been casted on them. They just dont have a billion eyes on them.
    Its easy from the rocking chair while holding the remote.
    Best wishes!

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    What about T.D. Jake, 50 cent, Mary Mary, Donnie Mcclurkin, Kanye and the rest of the black Conservative coons. If black people are going to turn on Chrisette we need to stop supporting all sellouts period not just the political coons. That means Jamie Fox, Tika Sumpter, Venus an Serena, Omari Hardwick all the soul selling sambos who breed with and marry the devils too.

  3. Her political views have nothing to do with her talent. I’m a fan and will always be one. I may not have agreed with her choice to perform but didn’t stop me from jamming to her music. Love her music. I have all of her CD’s

  4. Lisa Lisa on said:

    I fogave her already. She realized the error of her ways. Who are we to judge another person’s actions anyway? I’m only worried about what I have to answer for after this life.

  5. Chrisette Michele SOLD HER SOUL in order to perform for the Grand Wizard in the White House.

    WE are way too forgiving. Just like WE turned a blind eye to R. Kelly being a PEDOPHILE!!!!!!

    • You are so right! For me, Donald Trump is not just a bad politician, he is a bad, demonic person. All you black people talking about we should forgive her, have you sambos forgotten what this man has done in office? Let me remind you: He’s separated families, caged children, equated those fighting for equality with those fighting against it, attempted to implement a ban on people of s certain faith entering this country and on and on. And she supported this motha even when the collective black community told her not to before hand. Sorry, stay where you have been girl, the black music scene hasn’t missed you.

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