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Gospel music veteran and 10-time Grammy winner Kirk Franklin unveils his latest single, My World Needs You, from his latest album Losing My Religion.

Kirk talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the role of the church in this society, declining Donald Trump’s invitation to the Inauguration and much more.

About Chrisette Michele and Travis Greene performing at the Inauguration?

“It is not an attack on those that chose to. They followed their own conviction. I humbly had to find my own.”

Watch part one below:

Watch part two below:


Celebrities Who’ve Made Christianity “Cool” Again
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46 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin Explains Why He Declined Trump’s Inauguration Invitation

  1. Alberta on said:


    • J.munford on said:

      You need to back off the attack on my Black community you will never understand what’s go in ng on unless it affects you directly. I don’t know if you are racist or not frankly I don’t care. But, that guy that you might have voted for is dangerous you wait, he already started by messing with the health insurance. …

    • I agree that we must love everyone. However, I think it is foolish when we cannot see the forest for the trees. What do they really mean when they chant “Make America Great Again” I would like to share what Trump and his team did on his first day. Research it for yourself “Trump Justice Department moves to delay Texas voting rights case”. American needs to wake up

  2. Anestasia on said:

    Tony Markson, What makes you think that what you say is correct. That is what get me about all people. As long as people agree to what you say and your belief it’s okay. But why would I want to STAND for a PERSON who just INVOKE HATE and SEPARATION. We all have the right to our OPINION whether you like them or NOT, but to call someone STUPID because I don’t like what you say is WRONG. I can support or not support whomever I want. So if you choose to believe in TRUMP you go right ahead, but please don’t try to put the destruction on the American People or should I say African American people on the Democrats. Just accept the fact that America is Racist and until African American are given the same RESPECT, OPPORTUNITIES and RIGHTS as others we will always have to fight to get what we deserve. But for me I know I will continue to THRIVE because I follow the ONLY TRUE LEADER, JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We black folks always talking loud and saying nothing. Jennifer Holiday decline but she should have attended. We black folks not buying her music anymore and her career is lagging. She should have gone anyway and the white folks who never heard of her would had probably put her career back on the upswing. White folks cant stand black folk but yet they purchase our music. Jennifer, you should have attended and sing your rear end off!! You missed out on a blessing, too hell with black folk, those haters don’t buy your music anymore.

    • specialt757 on said:

      See that’s where you’re wrong, Jennifer didn’t decline the invitation because of black folks, she did so because of her fan base LGBT community. When they speak you damn well better to listen. You can talk about God like a dog, black folks like animals, but LGBT hell, you better not make them angry, or you will lose your livelihood. They run the U.S.A. now.

    • specialt757 on said:

      What a joke Steve has become, he didn’t have one good thing to say about this orange clown during the election, but all of a sudden, “he’s a really good guy”, for real? No one really respected Kanye in the first place. Hey white people let’s do a trade, we’ll take J. Biden and give you Kanye, Lil Wayne, and a 18 wheeler full of long neck Budweisers, and another negro to be named later.

  4. The black overseer’s have spoken to the black masses instructing us to turn our backs on Trump because the next 4 years will be hell for black people, what have the last 8 been? Trump got 8% of the black vote and 29% of the Hispanic, guess not everyone lets the Black overseers tell them what to think

  5. Every body forget here is a man who don’t like no one he’s a racist like TI,Snoop say he has a hidden agenda they called President O a lie in a meeting the Reoublicans blocked him I will not watch the clown show tomorrow.

  6. These same people that tell us to give him a chance, trust him, come together: where were you & the other Republicans in correcting and calling out that right wing religious crowd who called Mr & Mrs. Obama “monkeys” Hitler, painted signs of evil caricatures saying this was the President; where were you when Congress betrayed America by announcing they would make sure he failed even before he was sworn in? Where were you when Republicans did the name calling of the President? Where were you then when you all started the Vocal hatred? Can you answer that honestly or do you not have a soul?

    • specialt757 on said:

      Say it again Beverly, I don’t think they heard you, too busy with their hands over their ears singing lalalala, to any truth about Trump. They missed those emails, cartoons, statements, and ugly posts that the Obamas received. Now they have this “we should all come together attitude” when it comes to the orange hitler. If you don’t like Obama, it’s okay, you don’t have to, but to dawg his family out and think what’s good for one president is not good for the next, you’re trippin’. Mis me wit it. I have zero respect for Trump and his million/billionaire cabinet members or his family, the same way they didn’t have for the Obamas.

  7. ANNIE B on said:

    I don’t know why people are in such uproar because Kirk decided, not to perform for Donald Trump. They all forgot how this man incite racism and failed to address the situation. People should not sell their soul to the devil. He still did not apologized to President Obama about his birth certificate!

  8. Cheryl Sledge on said:

    If we are to all come together should that not begin with that man is is about to be sworn in as president? Was he not the person who tweeted and encouraged divisiveness with all his lives? He has never said we should all come together. He just tweets vicious responses to all perceived slights. He should lead by example.

  9. leadjustone on said:

    Kirk has a right to say no to performing, just as others have a right to say yes. Neither should be bullied because others disagree with their decision. Respect each other, and agree to disagree.

  10. L.C. On January 19,2017. No one should perform for the Trumps , the first thing he plans to do is get rid of Obama care which is needed by so many American. All I can say is look-out America. Trump is what we have to look forward to for the next 4 YEARS . Lets start really praying for our country and our soldiers. Madness in office.

  11. Tony Markson on said:

    I really wonder where we are going with all this hate for Trump. He is POTUS for the next 4 years. It is not as if Obama did great things for us, if at all, with all the police shooting and no federal prosecution. This is just madness. We have to do better and get the best for our community from POTUS. All this hating will not take us anywhere and Hillary will not do anything for us anyway. Why are we so so shallow in political matters and in pursuing the best interest for our community? Can`t we see that the only “game” in town now for the next 4 years is Trump and we have to play it? Madness and these intellectual lightweights like Kirk and snoop Dog cannot be viewed as persons of sound reasoning when it comes to maters of this nature. What have the democrats really done for us in 50 years of voting for them? To protest continually after Trump is sworn in is nothing more than being “democrazy”, a demonstration of madness. Can`t our people see that our community needs ALL the help it can get and that we are the most backward and less successful in the whole of the America.? Madness!

    • Margaret on said:

      What have u done for yourself? Many African Americans are doing better..Trump is a liar, racist , thin skinned person who Twwets like a child. And the stuff he say is very ignorant. He have not shown his taxes, and do not pay taxes. He will do nothing for the little people him and his billionaire appointee will get richer

    • Tony: “Hate for Trump”??? Perhaps it’s just that some people simply don’t like Trump nor what he stands for nor what he has said, and done for the last year, or so. If you’re ok with the actions, and words he’s put forth so far….then so be-eth…..but don’t expect everyone else to feel that way. Personally I have no, none, nada, zilch respect for the man because of his menacing ways. And, for you to say “most backwards and less successful” for me only indicates your narrow experience of Black people. We aren’t all alike, never have been, and never will be. Yes we have some people that aren’t successful…..but we also have LOTS OF BLACK PEOPLE THAT ARE VERY SUCCESSFUL. Just because you may not know any personally doesn’t mean that we don’t exist. Get a clue my brother…….get a clue

      • Tony Markson on said:

        We are doing good as a community? Which community has the highest rate of unemployment, the highest number of persons in prison, the highest crime rates, highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world? Taking into accoun that we are only about 12% of the population. We certainly have successful people in our community but we have a very very long way to go we can certainly do much much better. I live in the community so I see it all, an inconvenient truth. I do my bit for my community by doing pro-bono cases for those who cannot afford my fees but we have a very long way to go and it would be better to take advantage of DJT´s administration rather than “hating on him for the next 4 years, what good would that do for us. DJT is POTUS, live with it, Obama and Hillary and Michelle are settleing nicely into it and so must we.

    • Tony, I don’t know where you live that is so bad. All black people are not living bad as you an Mr. Trump want everyone to believe. What has President Obama done for you? What did you want him to do for you as an individual? What have you done for your self? I am doing fine.

    • I have no confidence that that prez elect will do anything to help the blk community. We will see who’s all talk and no action. He appointed a racsit for AG. There goes our human rights, voting rights, and civil rights. Blks can be naive if the want to. Nothing’s coming our way but a hard way to go and a fast way to get there. Yeah I said it.


    • Tony Markson what have you done for your community! To be able to preach to others about doing and being involved – you yourself must produce evidence that you too have been active in your community! There were some things that I didn’t necessarily agree with what he said, because I believe he was somewhat speaking about Pres. Obama. But if any of you followed Pres. Obama during his 8 years – everything that he tried to do for ALL PEOPLE was blocked by the Senate. So please, don’t hold him the sole reason things didn’t get done for the African American people….also, We as African Americans have to get out there and help our own people…..me included! The little bit I have done is fine…..but I certainly can do more! So can all of us! To answer your question – Donald Trump has never nor will he ever do anything to help our communities! Get your head out of your butt and recognize!

  12. Eugene Walker on said:

    Simply put,Kirk choose the right side of God and History!
    For you to be silent or side with a liar who promotes
    Bigotry,racism and other evils then you stand for ungodlyness!

  13. Trump doesn’t know Kirk Franklin from Kirby the frog. I’m thinking Omarosa came up with a list of potential entertainers to perform. Backlash, or not….people have the right to decline the invitation….just like those that want to perform can perform. Personally I couldn’t do it….because that would reek of hypocrisy.

  14. raleigh delesbore on said:

    Thanks Kirk I really appreciate your independence w/regard to declining that invitation. There is something symbolic about this whole situation with a man who talks out of both sides of his face. Thank you my brother

  15. specialt757 on said:

    So let me get this right, if someone says they won’t perform IS NOT thinking for themselves, but people who do perform ARE thinking for themselves? Is that right?

    Here’s a man who changed gospel music into what we hear today and many people copied his style, he’s a “pioneer” who went against all the rules of the industry, but he can’t think for himself? I guess so many others know what best for everyone else.

    • William Cain on said:

      What backlash??? He won’t have any backlash, because he respects himself and is secure enough not to be bullied into performing for that man. His name is Kirk not Kirt. Not everyone is so afraid of the prez elect and being “grabbed by him”. He is #NOTMYPRESIDENT

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