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D.L. Hughley is one of the most popular and highly recognized standup comedians on the road today has also made quite an impression in the television, film and radio arenas.First and foremost a standup comedian, he stars in his 5th stand-up comedy special “Reset” which is currently airing on Showtime. In addition, D.L’s first humorous book title, I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up, is out in bookstores. DL also created and starred in the satirical documentary special for Comedy Central “D.L. Hughley: The Endangered List” and is a part of the groundbreaking “Black and Brown Comedy Get Down” tour.

Known for being astute and politically savvy in true comedian style, D.L. served as host of his own late night talk show on CNN “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News.” D.L. was mostly recently heard on the New York airwaves, as host of the morning show on WRKS-FM. DL also serves as a weekly contributor to the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

DL’s tapped into his playful side participating in the 16th season of the hit ABC show “Dancing with the Stars,” alongside partner Cheryl Burke.

As the star and producer of his namesake television show that ran on ABC and UPN “The Hughleys,” D.L. is also well known as one of the standout comedians on the hit comedy docu-film The Original Kings of Comedy. A veteran of numerous talk show appearances D.L. switched the tables in 2005, hosting his own talk show on Comedy Central “Weekends at the DL.” He is a regular on the late night talk show circuit, including always-memorable appearances on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” He is frequently requested as guest host on such shows as, “The View” and “Live with Kelly.”

D.L.’s first love always has been, and always will be, standup comedy. “From the minute I first walked onstage and picked up a microphone,” he says, “I knew that it was what I was meant to do.”

As the host of “The D.L. Hughley Show,”– a daily themed, music intensive afternoon drive radio program from 3-7 pm ET– Hughley, takes listeners on a no holds ride of humor and reality in the afternoons, stating, “I’m fast, funny, and topical. I make people laugh a lot and think a little. Some people want to push the envelope – I try to see if I can singe it a little.”

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17 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley Bio

  1. Jeannette Jones on said:

    I was cut off I also wanted to say you show get us up on what going on and I’m glad you are there and can speak on whats what!

  2. Jeannette Jones on said:

    What is wrong with Kaye West???? I think he lost his mind . I will not support a rapper/singer when their views are so anti-black or people for that matter. He need help and some history lessons. !!! I guess he also agrees to the killing of young black males. He need to wake up!!!!!!

  3. Kelly Salazar on said:

    I am reading Mr. Hughley’s book right now and could not wait a moment longer before singing his praises. This is a brilliant book, sadly born out of necessity. I am humbled, angered, and vindicated all at once. Many of us have mixed heritage in our beautiful yet tragic country. I have messed-up stories I can tell as a Hispanic female who looks white raised in Texas in the 70’s and 80’s. . . but I cannot imagine the day to day stress of being “guilty” and truly at risk of being killed simply because of skin color and being male. For all of the injustices I have felt subjected to, I still always thought I could ask a police officer for help, as it should be. My heart breaks at where we are today.I
    Thank you for this book and for being you.

  4. scott on said:

    I listen to your show. You are convinced that Russia collusion got Trump elected. We realize don’t like Trump but that is an ignorant statement. Think about it. Explain to me how Russia accomplished this magic feat? I was going to vote but all the Russians voting in my polling place outvoted us? I was going to vote for Hilliary but I read some Russian planted propaganda on Facebook and I changed my mind and voted for Trump. Or maybe the Russians secretly changed the Clinton votes to Trump thru electronic espionage!

  5. Calvin Crear on said:

    Today I tuned in to your show on 107.7 in Birmingham,Ala. What I heard come out of your mouth was that people in Alabama were dumb and it is equivalent to a 3rd world country. That was wrong of you to say. There are great people that DO NOT include Jeff Sessions in this state. These people you owe an apology. Even in the heat of anger you could have worded what you said a lot better as to not offend the decent people in this state. Too late for me as i will never do anything to support you again. Even though I am a dumb Alabamian I am smart enough to know economics. Unfortunately, as in other places, there are not enough people here that understood what you said. They will continue to listen to their own degradation thinking they are being defended.lol. You can’t make this stuff up. People are sheep,but keep in mind that amongst them are lions that deserve that respect. Humble yourself and apologize to those Alabamians that do support your dumb statements.
    I know you’ll never see this,but hope you do

  6. Start at 1:50 and how stupid this so called gun control thru the federal govt continues to slaughter and wipe their hands and conscience clean as long as it doesn’t effect them and their money directly… sick and sick of it all.

  7. Norbie on said:

    How you interpreted Wanda Sykes post about Monique is not what she conveyed on the TJMS this morning. You need to listen to her commentary. Seems to me she was not telling her to stop whining but letting you know how many companies get away with this discrepancy in pay for women and people of color. Oh you may be in the money now but you are probably worth much more than what you are being paid. IJS

  8. Vera Waites on said:

    Vera from Raleigh, N.C. You talk about Mr. Trump everyday very badly but if he gave me a job with good pay tomorrow I would be their in a flash I need it to get my teeth fixed, pay off my college loans, car note, credit cards and have a good place to live yes call Mr. Trump for me and see want I go. I dare you to call him and tell him this women is in need of a job with good pay or Mr. Weistein I would take a job with him for a good pay check I think about a good Xmas for me and my son who is in a wheel chair and no job and no place of his own and his black no good daddy will not help me out. Hell you did not grow up with my bad ass Aunt. Let’s Talk OK D.L.

  9. MICHEAL D CANADY SR on said:

    DL, if you will, please do a GED section on this story. The white nurse who was arrested by Utah police for not taking blood from a prisoner because it would invade his right, the cop was fired and an apology was issued from the Utah police dept. But cops can still go out and murder Black men like dogs on our American streets, and the courts find them innocent. What’s really going on in this country? A blood sample will get a cop fired, but it’s ok to murder a Black man on the street.

  10. Gwen Macon-Belmont on said:

    Hello D.L. & Crew right now you are in Raleigh at the PNC Arena. Wish I could be there. The only reason I’m not there to see you & the stellar cast of comics is because of the language &/or profanity alot of comics tend to use. Yes Mr. Hughley I understand and agree with Amendment Rights for free speech. I’m not asking you to change. What I would like to ask you & your comedic friends to consider is have a “G” or “PG” show prior to the main event. If that is in the too hard to do box perhaps releasing a DVD. I am starved for laughter! You & the other comedians have beautiful interesting minds! There is a market for “G/PG” humor. About 7-8 million of my friends might like to listen to your work.

  11. Kim Burrell did not make her comments on the grammys or the bet awards and if you read Genesis to Revelations the Lord used his people to preach against sin including homosexuality Leviticus charter 20 verse 13 and Romans 1st chapter verse 13 what the enemy wants to do is to tell God’s children what they can and can’t speak in the pulpit and that will never happen thanks for reading my comment and feel free to share.

  12. Rashid Abdul-Ghani on said:

    I was listening to your show on Monday 12/19/2016 at approximately 4pm and heard some comments that I feel are untrue about African-Americans. A young lady was talking about a program on Amazon Video called, High Castle. I heard you say, “Black people don’t like Black people”. Black people do not have a universal dislike for other Blacks. What is true, is that Black people have a universal dislike for Blacks who are sellouts and those Blacks who have been so damaged by the system of white supremacy that they cannot participate in a fruitful manner in the community. I listen to your show in Little Rock, Arkansas. White people in Arkansas feel more free to express their racist views. I had an employer tell me, “Nobody dislikes their own people more than Blacks”. If he was asked how the Willie Lynch letter contributed to his analysis, he’d probably deny knowing who this person was. The headquarters for the KKK is less than a hundred miles from Little Rock, in Harrison. A Black state representative was arrested in Little Rock for filming the police while they arrested a Black man. This e-mail is more of a friendly admonishment than a criticism. I don’t think you should reinforce racist ideas about Black people on your show. I generally like the subject matter on your program and hope you have many more years of success. Hotep!

  13. My name is Reggie Anglen, Columbus, Ohio, 614-253-1368, blind from birth and black. You are to be commended for being a cheerleader advocate for your son.

    I am founder of a new grassroots group here in Columbus called Teachable Moments. Please check out our website, teachablemoments.us

    I have worked all my life as a youth leader, social worker and a public relations professional- worked at the State School for the Blind; a settlement house and most recently at Ohio State University where I was a minority liaison for three OSU presidents. Lost my job to layoff in 2002. Now living on SSI/SSDI.

    Would like to talk with you about putting together a national conference to educate our people about how to advocate for “the children of the slient night”.

    Enjoy listening daily and shout out to your crew!!


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