This Is Happening: ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Coming To Adult Swim What’s Up For Season 3 Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’?
Netflix Changes The Game For Movie Releases
Father of Fantasia’s Daughter Files for Custody [REPORT]
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Little Known Black History Facts

Little Known Black History Fact: Ursula M. Burns Little Known Black History Fact: Clara Stanton Jones
Little Known Black History Fact: Lynching Of Sam Hose
Little Known Black History Fact: The Delany Sisters
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COMMENTARY: Are Black Politicians Becoming Irrelevant?


Secret Service Head Pierson Resigns Michael Dunn Convicted of Murder In ‘Loud Music’ Shooting
Charles Smith’s Family Call For Peaceful Demonstrations Before Funeral [WATCH]
Report: Michelle Obama Furious Over Secret Service Response to 2011 White House Shooting
Manager Arrested In Wake Of Miami Shooting
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National News

Ohio Women Sue After Sperm Bank Gives Them Black Donor Health Officials Attempt To Track Down Anyone Who Had Contact With Ebola Patient
Off-Duty NJ Cop Shoots Black Man During Alleged Car Theft Attempt
Jail Escape In Washington Not Detected For 2 days
Armed Contractor With Criminal Record Was On Elevator With Obama in Atlanta
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Andre Benjamin Talks End of OutKast and Hendrix Biopic

Andre 3000 has left the building. After this weekend’s shows in Atlanta, Outkast may be done. Andre Benjamin, who stars as Jimi Hendrix in the…


Life & Style

How To Handle A Flu Emergency

What is a flu emergency? Normally, people recover from the flu after within a week or two. But sometimes, the flu can lead to dangerous…


LeBron James Scrimmages In Cleveland For First Time Since Return

CLEVELAND (AP) — LeBron James is back on the floor where he took his first steps in the NBA. Four years after leaving for Miami,…


Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon Says President Obama Should Rethink His Support Of The Secret Service. His Life Depends On It

President Barack Obama said last week, after that armed intruder entered the White House, that he has complete confidence in the people who protect him,…

Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com
COMMENTARY: Ferguson Cops Should Be Fired for Wearing ‘Wilson’ Bracelets, Covering Name Tags with Black Tape

It’s time to clean house in the Ferguson Police Department. Cops should be turning in their guns and badges and clearing out today. They don’t…

Don Lemon
Don Lemon
Don Lemon Says It’s Long Past Time We Stop Limiting Blackness. Go ‘Black-ish’!!

The premiere of the TV show ‘Blackish’ got me to thinking about blackness. First of all, who is black? In America blackness is NOT decided…

Get Well Wednesday
Get Well Wednesday
Get Well Wednesday: Why Preventative Care Is Essential to African-American Health

Dr. William Washington is a board-certified physician in private practice in Ohio. He was educated at Ohio State University, earning his medical degree there in…

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Justice With Judge Mablean

Sybil Wilkes interviews Judge Mablean about Justice With Judge Mablean.    The show airs September 15th. Check your local listings for showtimes.


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SYBIL’S NEWS: Michael Dunn Sentenced, Ebola Patient In Dallas May Have Infected Others

10/02/14 –  Sybil Wilkes discusses the morning’s news and headlines including the sentencing of Michael Dunn in the Jordan Davis case and the Dallas Ebola…

TOP OF THE MORNING: Ebola Patient In Dallas Causes For Spraying Of All African Beads?

10/02/14 – The crew is all aboard this Thursday morning and the first thing on the agenda — spray out all the cabs including the…

Andre Benjamin Talks End of OutKast and Hendrix Biopic
CHRISTMAS WISH: Cedetria Washington

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