Exclusive Interviews

  If you support a sports team that isn’t any good, sometimes it can be a frustrating experience. Comedian and actor Faizon Love is a longtime Cleveland Browns fan which means that he has suffered for many, many years. The team acquired superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to hopefully fix things but it hasn’t exactly […]

This is the twenty fifth year of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and all year long Tom has been telling stories and recalling some of his favorite memories. But today, history was made! For the first time in 25 years both Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul are performing at the Arlington Improv and they both […]

Benji Brown is glad to be in Arlington this weekend at the Improv and not in Miami dealing with a Hurricane. He says every time the hurricane has a Black name he evacuates. Dorian sounds like a thug, and he is because he was “chillin,” he literally just parked up over the Bahamas “like a […]

  Gospel mega star Kirk Franklin has millions of fans around the world. People love him for his classic music and his energetic performances but also his honesty. Over the years, the gospel icon has been transparent with his fans about different aspects of his life. It has given fans insight into a lot of […]

Fellas, if you’re looking for a cougar comedians JJ Williamson and D Ellis have the perfect place for you to meet one. If you go to one of their shows this weekend at the Arlington Improv in Dallas they can guarantee you you’ll meet a “cougar plus,” as Ellis calls them. Their show is so […]

Lana “MC Lyte” Moorer has stayed in the game for so long because she’s versatile. From female rap pioneer to actress to radio host and entrepreneur, she’s continued to evolve in the entertainment industry. When we caught up with her recently, Lyte gave us some insight into her upcoming role on the New York Undercover […]

Chrisette Michele took a career-threatening figurative beating from her fans for agreeing to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. But this year, Tom Joyner personally invited her to perform on the 2019 Fantastic Voyage and told the audience it was time to forgive the embattled singer. The audience responded positively, applauding the singer and one-time reality […]

Andrea ‘Drea’ Kelly has been through the storm. As most of you know, she was married to singer R. Kelly for years and is the mother of his three kids. After the debut of the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly where many women shared their abusive relationships with the once top-selling musician, Kelly felt vindicated […]

There’s a saying that things get better with time and it looks like that’s true for Robin Thicke. Right now he has new music out and told the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew that it’s been 8 or 10 years since he’s been “this creative.” His new single, That’s What Love Can Do, was born […]

Don DC Curry has been living on a farm, and loving life. Yes, you read that right, DC Curry owns a farm…actually he owns 2. And he’s been looking for love! Wikipedia thinks he’s 55 but he’s actually 61 so he says he can’t be too picky with his women. He’s decided to try to […]

Felipe Esparza decided to go vegan in 2011 but he was doing it wrong! In the beginning he didn’t really know what to do or what to eat, so he decided to fill up on cheese and diet cokes. He says he didn’t eat anything green or drink a drop of water. The first few […]

While lots of people are outraged by the college admissions scandal, DeRay Davis is not one of those people. Davis told the Tom Joyner Morning Show, he prides himself on always being there for his kids during, “the hard times and the financial moments,” like paying to keep them in school. He would do the […]