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1. Tick Tock…You’re on the Clock, Mr. President


What You Need to Know:

President Biden and Vice President Harris took their support of voting rights legislation to Atlanta Tuesday. Mr. Biden put his support behind a “carve-out” of the Senate filibuster in order to pass two national voter protection bills, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act.


2. The GOP Goes For Broke on Trump 2024


What You Need to Know:

The Republican National Committee (RNC)  is still covering legal bills for former President Donald Trump, and the price tag is staggering. From September to November alone, the RNC spent nearly $3 million of its donor money to pay law firms representing Trump in his various legal challenges.


3. Coronavirus Update: Health Experts Express Doubt of New ‘Deltacron’ Variant

What We Need to Know: 

Global health experts are casting doubts over reports of a new possible Covid-19 variant that appeared to be a combination of both the delta and omicron strains, called “deltacron,” saying it’s more likely that the “strain” is the result of a lab processing error.


4. Republican Anti-Vaxxers Suggest Gender Transition Drug Can Help With Covid-19


What You Need to Know:

Conservatives are suggesting people take testosterone suppressants instead of the Covid-19 vaccine to treat the virus. The suppressants are named spironolactone, dutasteride, and finasteride.


5. Black and Missing: Sheena Gibbs

What You Need to Know:

The Black and Missing Foundation needs help locating 40-year-old Sheena Gibbs.


Sheena was planning to leave her residence in the Rogers Park Community in Chicago, IL to care for her mother who is hospitalized in Davenport, Iowa.

The family last heard from Sheena on November 3.


If you or someone you know has information about the disappearance of Sheena, please go to the Black and Missing Foundation website.