Well, if you tuned in for the last episode of the third season of Queen Sugar you were richly rewarded, although it did take a minute to get to the good stuff. This season had its ups and downs in terms of content and flow, but there were some payoffs in the end. Let’s start, […]

We are winding down on Queen Sugar Season 3 as next week’s 90-minute episode is the last of the season. But of course, we can look forward to Season 4, already announced, not that it seemed like it was in question. As I’ve communicated this season has been a little rocky but in the last few […]

Let’s start with the good news – this was one of the best episodes of this third, sometimes uneven season of Queen Sugar. But the good news continues. Anthony Sparks, already a supervising producer for the show, will replace Kat Chandler as showrunner next season. I don’t want to cast any aspersions on Chandler, as […]

This season of Queen Sugar has been both moving and frustrating as one good episode is often followed by another that doesn’t live up to the show’s full potential. As many of you know, the showrunner was changed this season and it has felt at times as though she is trying to find a rhythm. […]

They should have called this episode ‘The Charley Episode’ because even though she’s not in every scene, Charley Bordelon  (Dawn Lyen Gardner) dominates Episode 9, officially called “The Tree And Stone Were One.” Sadly, there are only four episodes left as Queen Sugar takes no midseason break this year. That’s too bad, as it finally […]

Right now on Queen Sugar, nobody’s happy. In Episode 8, of what is, this year, a 13 episode season (down from 16 last year) everyone’s trying to get there but struggling to do so. Charley  (Dawn Lyen Gardner) is tasked with not only moving Prosper Denton (Henry G. Sanders) into her place but figuring out […]

Loyal Queen Sugar fans, we have finally gotten what we deserve. A great, solid, beautiful episode. The backdrop of this episode, officially called “Study War No More”  is Aunt Vi’s (Tina Lifford) 60th birthday. Queen Sugar is always at its best when there’s a family event and this is no exception. Director DeMane Davis does […]

Recapping a TV show is part review and part overview. In this week’s episode “Delicate and Strangely Made” a few things happen that not only could change the course of some relationships, they could change the course of the show. And maybe not in the best ways. Let’s start with Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner). Unbeknownst […]

Due to yours truly traveling down to Miami for American Black Film Festival, we missed a recap week. So this week, we’ll recap Eps. 4 and 5.  In last week’s Episode Four, officially titled “No Haven In My Shadow” Darla (Bianca Lawson) returns. And we’ve finally found a way to age the 39-year-old beauty – […]

This episode, officially titled “Your Distant Destiny” begins with Micah (Nicholas Ashe) preparing to go to public school for the first time. It’s Keke’s (Tanyell Waivers) school too, so it’s a really plus, along with the fact that young Mr. West no longer has to wear a uniform and can choose from the nice designer […]

The Bordelons are back and in the season 3 opener, it looks like we are in for another complicated ride with this interesting, perplexing, fascinating and sometimes, frustrating group. Nova (Rutina Wesley) is hell-bent on her activism, as usual, after dumping her white police boyfriend Calvin (Greg Vaughan) for the cause after he professed his […]

And just that fast…we’re back with Episode 2 of the third season of Queen Sugar. In a sweet treat for all the QS fans, the season premiere is over two nights. So here we are with “Of Their Sojourn Here” the episode’s official title. Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) has found out that Blue (Ethan Hutchinson) […]