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Queen Sugar Ep 309 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

They should have called this episode ‘The Charley Episode’ because even though she’s not in every scene, Charley Bordelon  (Dawn Lyen Gardner) dominates Episode 9, officially called “The Tree And Stone Were One.” Sadly, there are only four episodes left as Queen Sugar takes no midseason break this year. That’s too bad, as it finally feels like everything is coming together.

Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) and Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) are getting married and the only thing we can say about that is that we can’t wait to see it. Aunt Vi is getting her pie business off the ground and is ready to sign the paper after her partner shows himself to be what my mother always called a ‘fair-minded white person.” Remember, that’s a stretch for Aunt Vi to trust a white man.

Charley may have to trust a white woman. Jacob Boudreaux (Lea Coco) while still making googly eyes at Charley has brought his mother to the table. Turns out, she wants her brother, Sam Landry (David Jensen) out of the way, not because of money, but because building a jail on family land to house ‘criminals and thugs’ is distasteful to her and her family legacy. While Charley can’t fathom betraying family, Mrs. Boudreaux asks her to consider if they both want to see the same outcome, does it matter what her motives are? Good point.

Meantime, as per usual, Charley’s loyalty to family is not returned. Nova (Rutina Wesley) finally fesses up that she and Remy (Dondre Whitfield) are a thing. And we find out a little more about Remy. He’s from Detroit. He’s an expert at rolling up a joint and guess what…he also indulges.

Charley isn’t feeling Remy and Nova’s new love and why would she? Her family stays giving her L’s but it doesn’t stop anyone from getting into her pockets when they need to. She basically tells Nova that she was a self-righteous douche plenty of times when Charley made a decision she didn’t like but now she wants her to accept this BS?

Remy comes to Charley with the same thing – because he was on that same BS, but now wants peaceful acceptance of his relationship with her sister. I give it to Charley – she got some needed and necessary things off her chest and clapped back at the both of them in the classiest way. She’s a better woman than me.

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12 thoughts on “‘Queen Sugar’ Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: ‘When All Is Said And Done’

  1. Ladybug on said:

    Why is Ralf Angel always crying? He is the most unhappiest person. At least let him have some happiness. It is so annoying.

  2. Super foul of Nova to date Remy. Same for Remy – even though Charley pushed him away. This seems highly unrealistic and was a turn off (soap opera is). Was hoping Ralph’s Angel and Darla worked it out. Also hope aunt vie gets a good lawyer to review that partnership. Also, if she’s gonna take a partner why not Allow Hollywood to partner????

  3. Brenda Franklin on said:

    The writers made Nova into a how. What black woman does that unclassified shit. Use Charley money and now her men. They messed up.a good show.

    • I am very disappointed in the direction queen sugar chose to take with Nova’s character. Why does she have to be with her sister’s man!? She already has everybody she wants. Or everybody wants her. I was so upset with this story line. Im on the edge of stop watching this show. Writer’s do better. This was a great show before this relationship was written.

      • It’s a tv show. It’s made for entertainment purposes not a tutorial for life decisions. If the only content was good, upstanding God-fearing behavior, no one would watch. Including you. Sit back, enjoy and treat it for what it is. Entertainment.

  4. Zenobia Hampton-Mitchell on said:

    Queen Sugar great show love it. I wish they would put Ralf Angel back with Darla love them together.I would like to see Charlie with that doctor are a new guy all together.I hope they keep Darla the person she is,sweet on the show just like she is in real life.

  5. JenniePBarrera on said:

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  6. Where’s the sister code. Writers put Nova and Remy together?? Nova doesn’t know what she wants. Oprah and Gayle wouldn’t sleep with the same guy knowingly. This season has been disappointing. Ralph Angel hooking up for booty calls one minute but falls for his boss’ daughter the next minute. Charley interested in a random person who stopped to help her get her car started. Why?? New writers?? Disappointing!!

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