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Well, if you tuned in for the last episode of the third season of Queen Sugar you were richly rewarded, although it did take a minute to get to the good stuff. This season had its ups and downs in terms of content and flow, but there were some payoffs in the end.

Let’s start, as the episode ” From On The Pulse Of Morning” did, with Ralph Angel, (Kofi Siriboe) a month away from getting off probation and living his life as a truly free man. He talks to a group of prisoners about what life has been like for him now that he’s out of jail and has returned to being a productive member of the community. This conversation ends in a moving affirmation from Ralph Angel, who we’ve seen mature beautifully in this season.

That maturity extends to his relationship with Darla (Bianca Lawson) who appears to have been shocked into decency again by the revelation that Blue (Ethan Hutchinson) is not Ralph Angel’s biological son. That he is still committed to being Blue’s father is a gift and she knows it. So they will share custody 50/50.

They want each other to be happy, even if it’s with other people.  But aside from Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) and Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) they are the actors with the most chemistry  so it would be no-brainer for them to get back together. Even after Darla showed her entire ass, you want them to reunite. Someone did genius casting to combine Bianca Lawson and Kofi Siriboe, despite their 15-year age difference in real life. Bianca is a vampire, though, so there’s that.

Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner) has done a deal with the Devil…again. She’s now aligned with Sam Landy’s (David Jensen’s) chilly sister, Frances Boudreaux (Annalee Jefferies) and the two boss bitches are in alignment with taking him down. Charlie gets her mill back, the farmers get their land back and the jail will likely be stopped once  Landry’s shady accounting is exposed.

Sis gets to take down her brother and take over the family company in the process. Even Landry is stunned by the turn of events and Charley’s ability to handle her business. But when he warns her that she’d be better off with the Devil she knows, she responds with the season’s best line – “I’ve lived a long time as a Black woman and I can deal with any Devil you throw at me.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhht?!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “‘Queen Sugar’ Season 3 Finale “Blessings We Share”

  1. Nice Blog! Looking very Interesting Serial after read the Article, would Watch. I Loved TV Serials & use Coupon codes for my Entertainment purpose also I will Watch Queen Sugar. Thanks for the Article

  2. Valarie W on said:

    I don’t watch TV but I was told to check out Queen Sugar and I am hooked! I am on pins and needles, I love this show. I spent 2 days watching all three seasons and can’t wait to see season 4. Awesome writing, keeps me wanting more. Bring back Calvin, Nova needs stability and Charli needs to find happiness as well as RalphAngel. I love this show.

    And I second the Bring Back Calvin! He and Nova have amazing chemistry
    BOOOOO to Nova and Remy – just wrong wrong wrong – BUT at the same time – More Dondre please!

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