Former Cosby Show actress Keshia Knight Pulliam has come out the victor in her custody battle with ex-husband Ed Hartwell. The two were briefly married but share a toddler daughter together. The former couple has battled over their divorce and child custody issues since before the child was born, with each accusing the other of […]

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Keisha Knight Pulliam‘s messy divorce is back in the news again. That’s because her ex is demanding a new trial and in the process said some not-so-nice things about her. According to TMZ, retired NFL linebacker, Ed Hartwell, is practically begging the court to reconsider its ruling in their divorce, and according to legal docs, his claim […]


Ed Hartwell has accused Keshia Knight Pulliam of violating their custody agreement to support Bill Cosby. When Keshia stepped out to accompany Bill to his sexual assault trial, she crossed a major line. According to TMZ.com, she allegedly broke the part of their custody agreement over their daughter Ella Grace, which forbids Keshia from leaving […]


The feud between former spouses Ed Hartwell and Keshia Knight-Pulliam continues to sizzle on with no signs of slowing down. In the latest batch of drama, Keshia now says she is heavily concerned about her daughter’s safety when left alone with Ed.   According to a report from The Jasmine Brand, Keshia has accused Ed of abusing […]

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell’s divorce took a new, ugly turn this week when a friend or ex-friend now, we’re sure, told her story. She says that not only did Hartwell have a side chick, he was allegedly plotting to end Keshia’s pregnancy. How this pair was ever happy enough is the biggest question […]


Well here’s a shocker of sorts. Ed Hartwell, who basically accused his estranged wife (Keisha Knight Pulliam) of having a baby by someone other him, now all of a sudden, wants joint custody of said child. Earlier this year Pulliam gave birth to a baby girl name Ella Grace. In the interim Hartwell apparently came […]


If at first you don’t succeed, you try and try again. That’s the position actress Keshia Knight Pulliam finds herself in regarding getting child support from ex-husband and deadbeat dad, Ed Hartwell. But it appears that her determination is starting to pay off. That’s because the former NFLer is finally accepting his paternal responsibility for […]

Keshia Knight Pulliam’s estranged husband Ed Hartwell found out that their daughter had been born via his lawyer, Page Six reports. “He didn’t get a call or anything [from Knight Pulliam or her family],” sources tell Page Six, “Ed basically found out at the same time as the rest of the world.”   The pair […]

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Keshia Knight Pulliam's drama with ex Ed Hartwell just won't end.

The Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell saga continues to get messier. Ed Hartwell added to the mix of paternity tests and divorce drama with a little suspicious real estate activity. According to reports, Ed Hartwell sold his home around the same time he filed for divorce from Keshia. The former NFL star had his home on and off the market […]


  The back and forth continues between Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell. After claims that Pulliam feared that Hartwell may try to put her pregnancy at jeopardy, Hartwell has come out to deny them and turn the allegations back towards her. Hartwell went in front of the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia to speak out in response to […]


We just knew this whole Keshia Knight Pulliam/Ed Hartwell thing was gonna get messier.