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Keisha Knight Pulliam‘s messy divorce is back in the news again. That’s because her ex is demanding a new trial and in the process said some not-so-nice things about her.

According to TMZ, retired NFL linebacker, Ed Hartwell, is practically begging the court to reconsider its ruling in their divorce, and according to legal docs, his claim is that he’s been asked to pay too much in child support because Keshia has no need for a full-time nanny.

Ed wants to see their kid more and says he shouldn’t have to foot the bill for a full-time nanny … seemingly taking a dig at Keshia because she hasn’t worked as consistently as when she had recurring roles on The Cosby Show and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

Keshia responded with a low blow too … basically saying it’s interesting that Hartwell wants to spend more time with their one-year-old daughter, Ella Grace Pulliam-Hartwell, considering he once questioned the paternity of the child.

Knight-Pulliam won primary custody of Ella and Ed was forced to pay $3,007 per month in child support when the judge ruled back in April, but it sounds like Hartwell isn’t ready to pay.’

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6 thoughts on “Ed Hartwell Wants New Divorce Trial; Says Paying For Keisha Knight Pulliam’s Nanny Is A Strain

  1. What a way to change the subject, T. Anywho if they were together that child would be living off of over 3007 a month. Since none of this is the child’s fault. Child gotta live good too. The court give two fs About the dad or the mom. It’s the child. You want the child to live off of what it takes to support a child while dad is making 10x that? That’s wrong and selfish

  2. Just pay the child support and stop whining about paying. This is your child and you are responsible for taking care of her. I am a woman and if I would have had to pay child support when my son and daughter were adolescent, I would have. Man-Up! I am tired of men and women complaining about taking care of their children.

  3. Money goes on either side. Like black women making their children call a stranger “daddy” and that’s not their biological father. Which have the kids fuc@ up mentally

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