If at first you don’t succeed, you try and try again. That’s the position actress Keshia Knight Pulliam finds herself in regarding getting child support from ex-husband and deadbeat dad, Ed Hartwell.

But it appears that her determination is starting to pay off. That’s because the former NFLer is finally accepting his paternal responsibility for their daughter, Elia Grace. who was born in late January.

Even though he fought it, Hartwell, 38, finally accepted responsibility after a DNA proved he is the child’s father. But after being in fight mode for so long we’re not surprised to learn he’s still not going to make it easy for Pulliam to be in his pockets.

In new papers filed in the divorce battle, he asked a judge to assesses his finances to determine how much he should pay his ex for child support.

As we reported several months back, Hartwell sold his suburban Atlanta mansion and dumped other assets soon after the 37-year-old Cosby kid filed for divorce last year.

Apparently Keshia’s money is so funny she recently begged a judge for emergency funds to feed and clothe her baby girl.

How mom's take showers!!! 🤣 #MommyAndEllaGrace

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On thje other hand Hartwell is not buying Pulliam’s claim she needs emergency financial support, ’cause they both have deep pockets, according to him. Plus, he says she’s not considering his own expenses in setting up a nursery for the kid at his place.

Whatever. It’s beyond obvious these two shouldn’t have even been allowed to be in the same room at the same time. Oh well. Poor baby Elia Grace. We wish her luck with these two as parents.

Hartwell and Pulliam tied the knot in January 2016 and split a few months later.

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25 thoughts on “Did Keshia Knight-Pulliam Beg A Judge For Money To Feed Her Daughter?

  1. ButterPecan on said:

    Congratulations Keisha! File your child support papers the turn everting over to the State. He will comply or be subject to CONSTANT duress because the state is just like the Feds. They will seize any and everything until he does! Including tax refunds, bank accounts,cars and realistate! Just ask my ex. I didn’t want that stress and constant fighting.

    • “Colored” women need to make better choices???? Where do I begin? So, you’ve not seen Angela Jolie in the news today or Katie Holmes, or Kim Basinger or Britney Spears or, no I should just stop here. No, need to put white women down; but please, dear do not discuss women of color in a pitying tone or offer any direction on making correct choices. Thanks!

  2. Angela R. on said:

    I don’t think that she is crying for money, but she deserves just like anyone else for the man to help her with taking care of their child. He sounded like a real jerk anyway. I think that he changed his mind and didn’t know how to handle things. I hope that they become great parents to the child. There were alot of typo’s in this article

  3. I’m actually saddened that during this time which should be pleasant, peaceful, reflective and loving for a new mother, baby and a new dad, it’s so hot-messy for this family. Maybe something will change. Women are strong. We like to smile if/when we’re hurting in order to keep ourselves up. That’s correct medicine; but at the same time, we all need to be taken care of sometimes too. A new mother shouldn’t have to deal with all this, Wow.

  4. This all sad! I am sad for Ella Grace. What a mess she was born into. Not sure why Ed has such disdain for Keshia, but he obviously does and he has almost immediately since his marriage to her. Sounds like bi polar behavior. Whatever it is, they have a child together. Regardless of the stroller or dog (that she likely had prior to marrying or having baby EllaGrace), he is responsible for taking care of his child. I too agree that her stroller was likely a gift, as she did have a big baby shower (advertised some time ago). But, nonetheless, it really doesn’t matter how or where she got the stroller, bottom line is, the baby needed a stroller. The nasty remarks are alarming. People, take care of your children. The more money you make, the more you pay…it’s the system/law…just do it. If you don’t want to take care of kids, don’t have them…men, strap up EVERY TIME, and women, take your pill or some type of contraceptive. It’s really simple, if you don’t want to get pregnant or if men don’t want to get someone pregnant, there are ways to prevent it. However, the situation here is that two married people had a baby. Simple, cut and dry!

  5. kaylee56 on said:

    Keisha, hold him responsible for his share. Forget all the haters. He need to take responsibility for his child. How do anyone know she didn’t get the stroller as a gift? Why do he get to keep what is his and she got to get rid of hers? What ever She has do not relieve him of his responsibility to care for his child financially. Why women got to be negative to women at all time. DNA says he is the father, now he need to get off his azz an pay up. The sad part is that she even had to go to a judge. A real man, even if he did not believe, when he found out would have stepped up. I wont call her shady, he is the shady one. It is about the baby. This dude liquidated to hide his assets. No sympathy from me. Please don’t grade my paper. Thanks

  6. angietangie on said:

    shittt from the looks of that stroller she better take it back and downgrade to a less expensive one if she wants to eat or If she is broke like she says she is.

  7. If you cannot feed your baby, why do you have a dog? It does not make sense for people to cry they are broke and don’t have necessities but is taking care of a nasty dog.

    • Barb at first glance at the photo I thought the same thing. However, I don’t think she’s broke or need emergency funds. I think that it’s about Hartwell needing to take financial responsibility for his seed. This was a mess from the beginning, but they are here now and it must be dealt with. He can’t cry foul now, he was a willing participant in their relationship.

    • Thank you for your post. Someone should be embarrassed about all these typos in the so-called professional news article. AND it’s the norm! Sometimes, I can’t even understand the points in these articles because of the misspelling and mistakes with grammar. Please do more than better. Correct the situation and refuse to publish anything with errors. Thanks

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