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We just knew this whole Keshia Knight Pulliam/Ed Hartwell thing was gonna get messier.

According to TMZ, the actress claims in divorce documents that Ed “has been plotting to harm and obstruct [her] pregnancy” by engaging in “certain underhanded and unusual conduct” that would trigger a miscarriage.

She also alleges that Hartwell conducted “cruel treatment” and was constantly cursing, yelling and demeaning her— as well as cheating on her with several women, including an ex.

Hartwell allegedly also had firearms that she claims she had to remove from his possession, and wants him checked for a mental evaluation.

While Hartwell has yet to respond publicly to these allegations, we have a feeling it’s not gonna be pretty.

“She wanted a baby really fast, and what I was trying to explain to her was that — from my beliefs, from seeing other successful people — that when you first get married, especially since we didn’t have a long courtship, that we should actually focus on each other and not just have a baby,” the former Baltimore Ravens player told Page Six.

Adding, “I said, ‘I think we probably messed up. I think we moved too fast. Our lives and wants are headed two different directions.’” He also touched upon feeling remorse for his ex who had a miscarriage. “[Knight Pulliam] wasn’t mad that I still cared about her. All she was a mad about was, ‘You don’t want to have a baby, but you’re mad about her baby.’.. And there was a big fall-out.”

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