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The back and forth continues between Keshia Knight Pulliam and soon-to-be ex-husband Ed Hartwell.

After claims that Pulliam feared that Hartwell may try to put her pregnancy at jeopardy, Hartwell has come forth to deny them and turn the allegations back towards her.

Hartwell went in front of the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia to speak out in response to the his ex-wife’s claim that she feared Hartwell “has been plotting to harm and obstruct [her] pregnancy.”

Hartwell “emphatically denied” that he “engaged in certain underhanded and unusual conduct” that Pulliam “believes to be designed…to miscarry her unborn child.”

Hartwell added that Pulliam “should be ashamed of herself for ever making such false and offensive allegations.”

Hartwell has requested that a paternity test be conducted but explained that he is waiting to take the test because it “could possibly endanger the life of the unborn child.” But Pulliam alleges that Hartwell “has been mentally and emotionally abusive” and “has willfully engaged in such cruel treatment which has the health and welfare.”

Pulliam added that she “was forced to live on eggshells in the former marital home due to [Hartwell]’s deep-seated rage and uncontrollable anger.” In response, the former NFL star claims that “if either party has been mentally and emotionally abusive toward the other it is [Pulliam].”

The two have already been battling for over a month, and with neither party being to see eye-to-eye on anything it seems possible that their divorce could end up lasting longer than their 8-month marriage.

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