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The feud between former spouses Ed Hartwell and Keshia Knight-Pulliam continues to sizzle on with no signs of slowing down. In the latest batch of drama, Keshia now says she is heavily concerned about her daughter’s safety when left alone with Ed.


According to a report from The Jasmine Brand, Keshia has accused Ed of abusing prescription medication, which has caused erratic and at times scary behavior.

From The Jasmine Brand:

The actress says he takes OxyContin/oxycodone (a narcotic), anti-depressants and a plethora of other drugs, which causes him to be drowsy and not alert.

She points out the drugs are to treat his alleged physical, mental and emotional problems that resulted from injuries he sustained while in the NFL. Keshia says she fears for their newborn being around Ed,  claiming she witnessed him burst into a violent rage before the divorce was filed.

The drama doesn’t stop there because Keshia wants Ed’s new live-in girlfriend to be evaluated to ensure that her mental and physical state is healthy enough to raise a baby since she does not know the woman personally. She also wants a court official to investigate the home before her daughter visits.

Whew! Stay tuned because it’s practically guaranteed at this point that these two will make headlines again shortly…hopefully on a more positive note.



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6 thoughts on “Keshia Knight-Pulliam Reportedly Concerned For Infant Daughter’s Safety Around Ed Hartwell

  1. Why does this man want to see the baby. He was not interested in the mother when she was pregnant with the child. This man is looking for publicity. And yes, Keshia can marry who she wants. The guy just happen to be a jerk. Can happen to anyone. You women should not be blaming Keshia. You all know how some of these men behave when they want to act the darn fool.

  2. ButterPecan on said:

    Keshia has gone from Classy to Trashy! She chose to rush and marry a man that she didn’t know so she could have a baby that he didn’t want. Now she’s afraid for the child’s safety! Model parents she and Ed! Both of them need to GROW UP! Girl Bye!

  3. Isn’t there some kind of custodial condition where the father can only see the child under certain conditions and/or in a certain place where other family members are around?

    If so, maybe Ms. Pulliam needs to consider this option if she does not trust the father
    to be in the company of the infant alone.

    • specialt757 on said:

      She will have to prove he is unfit or dangerous. It was her choice to procreate with him and now their child has to deal with the consequences of her bad decision making. In the eyes of the law, they both have the same rights.

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