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Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell’s divorce took a new, ugly turn this week when a friend or ex-friend now, we’re sure, told her story. She says that not only did Hartwell have a side chick, he was allegedly plotting to end Keshia’s pregnancy. How this pair was ever happy enough is the biggest question in this fiasco.

TMZ reports:

A friend of Keshia Knight Pulliam’s estranged husband says Ed Hartwell’s girlfriend made an ominous request about something to “cause a miscarriage” during Keshia’s pregnancy.

The friend, Damia Ward-Henley, made the revelation in new court docs filed by Keshia in her divorce case. Damia describes herself as a friend of Ed and Tonya Carroll … who she says Ed started dating while he was still married to Keshia. According to the docs, Damia says Tonya found out Keshia was pregnant in June 2016, and was very upset because she wanted Ed to leave Keshia.

In the docs, Damia says Tonya told her “she wanted to get something that would cause someone to have a miscarriage.” Damia says she shot down the request and told Tonya and Ed to break off their adulterous relationship.

Keshia also filed docs saying she’s worried Ed — an ex-NFL player — is unfit to care for their 2-month-old daughter because she’s seen him take OxyContin. She says Ed testified in a lawsuit with the NFL that he’s suffering severe physical and mental problems, and needs to take many drugs to cope.

She wants a court-appointed guardian to evaluate his parental fitness.


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9 thoughts on “Ed Hartwell’s ‘Friend’ Exposes His Side Chick And Alleged Plan To End Keshia’s Pregnancy

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    • Ritchie on said:

      Dr. Larry how petty. You are no better than the characters in this post. “First do no harm.” Is this familiar? If you are not an MD, then how about, You must become the change that you want to see.” You should go get your change and or complete refund for that advanced degree.

  2. Bright attractive women are no different from anyone else when it comes to falling for a man especially when he present himself as being “the one”. Men have a certain charm about them and we as women fall for it lock stock and barrel. So don’t put these women in a box of choosing the wrong men it happens, you don’t find out that he’s the wrong guy until he stop trying to be that charming guy you first met.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      I concur, Frances. My cousin married a “good man.” He was God fearing, intelligent, handsome, tall, excellent job (and good credit–HA!). Who would have thought this man was a sociopath! He even had me fooled, and I am not easily duped. One day she dialed my number and left her phone line open while he was fully engaged in one of his tirads. He was belittling her, calling her names, saying things that I had never heard any man say to a woman. He was unaware that she had called me and that I heard every word. Needless to say, she divorced him! Sometimes women pick the wrong men, and sometimes they are “hoodwinked!”

  3. Marilyn on said:

    Why do bright, attractive women like Keisha have such poor judgment when it comes to men. So busy rushing to get married and trying to beat the ticking biological clock that they’re willing to accept pretty much anyone. When they finally wake up, families, and in this case, the whole world are parties to the misery. Young women, look before you leap. The misery you save may be your own and your child’s!

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