Ed Hartwell has accused Keshia Knight Pulliam of violating their custody agreement to support Bill Cosby.

When Keshia stepped out to accompany Bill to his sexual assault , she crossed a major line. According to TMZ.com, she allegedly broke the part of their custody agreement over their daughter Ella Grace, which forbids Keshia from leaving their home state with the baby.

Per the agreement, Ed only gets visitation with Ella for one hour twice a week. Keshia’s trip completely superseded that. Reportedly, he was supposed to see Ella on Tuesday, but he couldn’t since she was out-of-town with Keshia.

Now, Ed is demanding that he be allowed to make up the time he had to miss. Ed alleges that Keshia is in contempt, and he expects her to pay for all legal fees that crop up during this matter.

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14 thoughts on “Ed Hartwell Claims Keshia Knight Pulliam Broke Their Custody Agreement By Supporting Cosby

  1. Angel on said:

    Ed is so not relevant. Quit whining like a little twitch…if he wasn’t​ such an ass by raking Keisha through the coals…. just maybe he would not have gotten the shitty end of their custody agreement. He is such an arrogant ass of a man. Grow up Ed!!

  2. mr soul on said:

    One sorry ass black man get a job . Sad everybody turn their back on him but still making cash on the reruns shows stop the checks Bill

  3. Keta on said:

    So sad 1st u don’t want the kid now you do when u need to b honest and admit ed that all you are chasing is that dollar not your child u sir are a posterboy for dead beat daddies!!!!

  4. Barbara Dates on said:

    Ed Hartwell is a disgusting human being,. She knew him all her little kid and teen years. P ay firvyoyr kids, like you ex Lisa Wu said. Dispecable

  5. Ed is broke.. This is sad .. Ed need to go and find some type of work.. I believe if she want to support Mr. Cosby so what… He is not a child molester… I believe that these ladies are liar and these people is upset because Mr. Cosby was about to buy NBC.. This is what they can have a Strong black intelligent man to buy them out. They did not want to look racist so they made this up.. Ed get a job!!! you was not claiming this child at first so please go take your loser and selfish butt somewhere

  6. kneesee23 on said:

    For somebody who didn’t claim their child, he is doing the most. What a waste of a brother ! I bet she regrets the day she hooked up with that loser …

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