DJ Misses and Incognito spoke with social media comic Rachael O’Neil on her journey from reporting on viral events to creating them herself.

Comedian and philanthropist Desi Banks stops by POTC to give Incognito and DJ Misses a rundown of how he turned a viral comedy career on social media into a lucrative business for himself.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Dave Chappelle has built a career on pushing boundaries and challenging social conventions. But his greatest act of defiance may have come Sunday night at Washington’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. At the end of an evening of tributes and testimonials, Chappelle came on stage to accept his Mark Twain prize […]

Ms. Luenell is the original bad girl of comedy and she’s popular among the men in Hollywood. She saw Al B. Sure over the weekend when he stopped by her show in Dallas. His presence proves to her that he’s an “admirer,” of hers. She’s currently with Bruno Mars and Bradley Cooper but says, “you […]

Comedian Luenell is in love! She says she’s in a relationship with both Bradley Cooper and Bruno Mars. But Al B. Sure has been shooting his shot her way too. She’s very popular among the men because she says she’s “like fine wine,” and “everybody likes wine.” As much as she loves the attention, it […]

You know those days where you look in the mirror and scare yourself with all of your ugly? Today is not one of those days for Arnez J. Today he’s feeling “hoodlicious,” but that quickly changes when he starts thinking about Tom’s upcoming retirement. He says he has gone from feeling “hoodlicious” to like he’s just […]

Carl Payne is most known for his role as Cole on the hit TV show Martin, but he’s been working consistently since then. He’s currently, “tired but good tired” and calls every opportunity and experience a “blessing.” When people realize that Payne has now shifted and began working in stand-up comedy they often want to […]

Actor and comedian Jeremy Piven shared that over the course of his career he has felt the most supported by the Black community. He’s rather new to the stand-up comedy world and though there are a lot of people who don’t want to support or believe in a new act. But, he attributes the support […]

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Chris Rock roasted the current state of comedy on Monday night while presenting an award at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards dinner. The former SNL star took to the stage to present the Best First Film award to “Eighth Grade” director Bo Bunham but it turned into a short stand-up routine with Rock joking, “If […]

Tomorrow is the 25 anniversary of the TJMS and one person who can’t believe it is Sinbad! Bad says the TJMS has been such a big part of his life and career. The first time Bad was on the show he wasn’t even invited, he just showed up and waited outside of the station until […]

The hilarious Bruce Bruce is on the road with his comedy and he says he’s also still stripping! When he’s stripping he’s “chocolate butter!” He’s been practicing his moves, like the “Japanese split and that’s side to side,” on card tables. He has broken about 12 but, his uncle hooked him up by putting cinder blocks under […]

Former NBA player Scottie Pippen claims that the comedian he rented his $10 million Florida mansions to trashed it and now he’s suing. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the NBA legend claims comedian Lindsay Glazer and her husband, Jacob Woloshin caused thousands of dollars in damages to his home. Pippen reportedly claims […]