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Carl Payne is most known for his role as Cole on the hit TV show Martin, but he’s been working consistently since then. He’s currently, “tired but good tired” and calls every opportunity and experience a “blessing.”

When people realize that Payne has now shifted and began working in stand-up comedy they often want to know how he went from acting to comedy. But he shares that he “just realized” he’s “been doing comedy”  his “whole life.” Even as a child. In school he was taught drama like Shakespeare and “within Shakespeare is comedy.” He explains that you can find comedy in any character because “the comedy comes from committing to a character.”

Cole does come out on stage for a little whole because he has realized that people love hearing stories about Martin and what went on “people really want to know what goes on in Hollywood” and they like hearing stories from Martin. Speaking of Martin….when asked if we can expect a reboot anytime in the future he just sipped his tea. We’re taking that as a yes.

This weekend he’s in Dallas at the Arlington Improv and wants to see you there!