Tiffany Haddish returns in a film with an all-star cast of comedians, including Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes & Faizon Love as strippers.

This guest was a little tricky, he came on the air as Denzel and had everyone fooled! He thanked Tom over and over and said “you are the man!” But then he went and got T.I. who “on behalf of Tiny and all of the Clifford Harris People” thanked Tom and called him the  “quintessential […]

Parenting is hard, but it’s so rewarding. There’s nothing like seeing your kids smile. Bill Bellamy loves and adores his kids more than anything! Which is why every Halloween he dresses up and “humiliates” himself for the sake of his kids. But this year, they wanted nothing to do with him. Both of his kids […]

Bill Bellamy is a long time friend of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Whether its calling in to talk about the latest headlines, cruising on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, or airing out his beefs as a part of the TJMS Funny Chair – Bellamy will always be a part of the TJMS legacy. In […]

Because Bill Bellamy is an original player and a big dog he was able to get all of “the fellas of the world” together for a meeting. At this meeting he says the discussed and took a vote on “fake booties.” He claims that over 1 million men voted and decided that they no longer […]

For basketball fans, the NBA playoffs are an exciting time! Bill Bellamy calls this year’s playoffs so far, “absolutely amazing.” He says every game has been “exciting and completely unpredictable.” The Milwaukee Bucks ended the Boston Celtics season last night when “they sat Kyrie down!” Bellamy blames Kyrie Irving’s recent lifestyle change claiming that since […]

Everybody has an opinion about what has happened with Jussie Smollett and Bill Bellamy definitely has something to say. He says this situation is one of the ones where “the jokes write themselves.” First of all it was cold in Chicago, negative 24 degrees to be exact. Nobody is going out in that kind of […]

Bill Bellamy’s impersonations are scary good! He’ll really make you think you’re hearing T.I or Kanye! After Ye’s recent rants, Bellamy believes he would be great as a zoo guide! Could you imagine Kanye telling you about the orangutans? “These are usually orange, but he’s brown. He’s different like Ye.” He does everything with so […]

Comedian Bill Bellamy is “emotionally drained!” He’s so tired of hearing vegans do promos and trying to tell everyone to join the vegan lifestyle. “These vegans is doing too much” he said, they love telling people about quinoa and chick peas “and it don’t taste good!” He said that all of his vegan friends “look dizzy,” […]

Lavell Crawford came to kick it with the crew! He’s in town for the Funnier Than A Mother Tour at the Verizon Theater. And he’s come to town with a whole new look! Since he’s lost some weight, Lavell has brand new jackets that look like “fine dining” like the wallpaper of a Chinese restaurant. […]

There’s only one man who can break down the issues of Tristan Thompson and Starbucks and have you laughing until your sides hurt. Bill Bellamy has some beef with these people and he’s not going easy on them. “I got beef with these streets, I got to let y’all know,” explained Bellamy. His first is with NBA player Tristan Thompson denying […]