Bill Bellamy: ‘We Got To Have A Wakandachino Right Now’


There’s only one man who can break down the issues of Tristan Thompson and Starbucks and have you laughing until your sides hurt. Bill Bellamy has some beef with these people and he’s not going easy on them.

“I got beef with these streets, I got to let y’all know,” explained Bellamy. His first is with NBA player Tristan Thompson denying being in a viral sex tape.

“He walks into the hotel with the girl talking about how Y’all know it’s me,” laughed Bellamy.  “How do you hide when you’re 6’10. What do you wear when your’ 6’10.”

Bellamy had to share his beef with Starbucks and what he wants from them. “Anybody Black gets a job,”  he explained.  “We got to have a Wakandachino right now. It’s going to be Black strong. With a bit of vibranium in it.”

Catch him at the Orlando Improv April 20-22 and the Tampa Improv May 4-6.



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One thought on “Bill Bellamy: ‘We Got To Have A Wakandachino Right Now’

  1. Tiana Nonbasic on said:

    I’m not a fan of this guy Tristan and I laughed when I thought he cheated because she Hoely Khloe was the side chick when he had his other girlfriend and he cheated on her with Khole or Hoely when she was almost due with their baby so what goes around but that video of him kissing them turnouts is CLEARLY not him. That guy was not tall enough in the video to be Tristan. WOW TMZ should get their facts right and stop thinking all black people look alike. #SAD

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