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Scarface wasn’t kidding when he said he had a surprise for us during his concert on the 2019 Fantastic Voyage presented by Denny’s. In addition to bringing out Bun B, Scarface brought out Bushwick Bill and Willie D for an epic Geto Boys reunion.

Don DC Curry has been living on a farm, and loving life. Yes, you read that right, DC Curry owns a farm…actually he owns 2. And he’s been looking for love! Wikipedia thinks he’s 55 but he’s actually 61 so he says he can’t be too picky with his women. He’s decided to try to […]

Diddy and his 6 children graced the cover of Essence Magazine and they all looked stunning. Since the passing of his ex girlfriend, and mother of four of his children, Kim Porter he’s taken on a new role. In his interview with the magazine Diddy discusses how his life has changed and how he keeps […]

Khalia Braswell fell in love with computers in the fourth grade and decided to pursue a career in technology. She interned at top companies including Wells Fargo, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, and Apple to name a few. She last worked full time as a UX Engineer, creating the experiences of the Apple products […]

Fantasia is one of those performers you can see over and over again without getting tired of them. It was no different aboard the 2019 Fantastic Voyage presented by Denny’s when the former “American Idol” winner tore up the stage singing a medley of her hits. The crowd was blown away by the performance (and […]


Felipe Esparza decided to go vegan in 2011 but he was doing it wrong! In the beginning he didn’t really know what to do or what to eat, so he decided to fill up on cheese and diet cokes. He says he didn’t eat anything green or drink a drop of water. The first few […]

While lots of people are outraged by the college admissions scandal, DeRay Davis is not one of those people. Davis told the Tom Joyner Morning Show, he prides himself on always being there for his kids during, “the hard times and the financial moments,” like paying to keep them in school. He would do the […]

Cocoa Brown is enjoying her single life but she’s noticed these men are “bold!” She says “social media makes dudes that live in basements bold,” they really try to get with her and sometimes she wants to ask them..”do you know who I am?” A lot of people think the number of weird creepy guys […]

If it seems like Wendy Williams has a lot of drama going on right now it’s because she does. Aside from her marital issues and struggle with addiction she and her staff are now being accused of being discriminatory. One of her audience members is very unhappy after she says she felt she was discriminated […]

Has someone every threatened to “dog walk” you? No? Me neither. In this edition of “Things Your Kids Know”, Skip Murphy tells us the meaning behind the phrase “dog walk”. To the average person, it means to take your fluffy friend on a walk around the block but in the world of social media it […]

Issa Rae never fails to make us laugh! But one thing she does not joke about is her fitness! Rae sat down with Women’s Health Magazine to discuss her habits and how she keeps her body red carpet ready. Speaking of funny, Will Smith is ready to tackle his fear and give stand up comedy […]