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The Bad Boy of R&B returns with 16 new songs on his newest release titled, 777. Throughout all his trials and tribulations LYFE JENNINGS has remained the same dude; a soulful, thoughtful artist whose commitment to his craft, community and fans have earned him “LEGEND” status.  For this latest release, Lyfe pared over a 100 songs down to a collection of 16 bangers that he feels are the best representation of where he is today. 

On “777”, Lyfe’s writing style and unique vocal presentation are supported by richer musical tones than his previous releases. “I’m used to doing that raw sound, just me and a guitar and a beat behind it,” he says. However, on 777 Lyfe expanded the production duties and honed a more textured record with a handful of his friends like: Tank, soul songstress Algebra Blessett, underground rap king Lil Boosie and Bobby V. With a discography that has already gifted the world of R&B several groundbreaking moments and Top 10 singles, Lyfe Jennings is confident that “777”, which he will release via his own imprint, will be his most impactful album yet. 

1. Lyfe Jennings performs “Like This”

2. Lyfe Jenning performs “Never Never Land”

3. Lyfe Jenning performs “Must Be Nice”