As a culture, we understand that R&B is a genre that keeps great music alive for generations to continue to experience over the years.

WARNING: Some tracks contain explicit lyrics and sexual/adult themes 1. Joyner Lucas Although he’s been releasing music since 2010, this Massachusetts-based rapper didn’t release his record label debut, ADHD, until this year. His thoughtful, socially conscious singles like “I’m Not Racist” and “Devil’s Work” along with teaming up with Chris Brown and Eminem hasn’t hurt […]

The neo-soul wave of the 90’s was formed by a loose-knit group of like-minded musicians who reflected the souful originals of an earlier, more artistically inclined era. These artists were known for their strong songwriting, solid musicianship, stellar vocals and for their individual, innovative music and eclectic, artistic personas. This next wave of R&B artists […]

When we talk Soul, we’re talking about bottom of the gut singers who are churning out records that will transport you back to when Soul singers were putting out music that made you feel. Artists like PJ Morton and Leon Bridges are leading the wave of modern “Old Soul” acts but there are others out there […]

There are some artists who transcend time and some who transcend their physical presence on the earthly plane. These artists died too soon and in ways so completely unexpected that we mourn their loss to this day. These were the tremendous, iconic talents who in their varying ways, touched millions with their creative gifts. We […]

There are certain artists and groups still around but they’ve been dormant for so long, we wonder if there’s ever a chance for us to see them do their thing again. No matter how long they’ve been off the scene or how unlikely it is they will ever make a record again, we still wish […]

While we know that devout Jehovah’s Witness Prince didn’t celebrate birthdays, we feel like we have to celebrate for him. We still miss that man so much, don’t we? Not only all of the wonderful music he crafted but that he was, as David Chappelle said, a pillar of the community, especially the Black music […]

We can all agree that the 90’s was a great era for Black music. Everything from hip-hop to R&B was running the charts and artists like R. Kelly, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Wu Tang Clan, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, TLC, Destiny’s Child, Brandy and more were at the top of their games and the […]

We know you love them. Black music movies, that is. Who hasn’t watched the true stories of some of the greatest musicians of all time in one of several musically based Black films, many of which have become beloved parts of the culture? We see you, Five Heartbeats fans and Purple Rain junkies who’ve seen […]

Usher Raymond has been a star since he was a teenager and has even brought along the next generation of singers with his protege, Justin Bieber. But in a landscape crowded with R&B wannabees and “singers” helped along with studio production wizardry, Usher, now 36, still stands out as the young king of the genre. […]

Out of all the artists featured in this month’s #Forward20 Black Music Month celebration you probably know Lion Babe the least. But trust us, you should. The duo is lead by singer Jillian Hervey, the daughter of Ramon Hervey and actress Vanessa L. Williams and her band mate Lucas Goodman. Formed in New York City in 2012, […]

We were first introduced to Raheem DeVaughn in 2005 with his debut album The Love Experience and ten years later his incredible lyrics and soulful tunes still sits high on our musical palate. His latest album Love Sex Passion shows that the self-proclaimed “love king” hasn’t lost his knack for the sexy. His mix of old school […]