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There are certain artists and groups still around but they’ve been dormant for so long, we wonder if there’s ever a chance for us to see them do their thing again. No matter how long they’ve been off the scene or how unlikely it is they will ever make a record again, we still wish we could go back and relive the days when their records make us feel so good.

There are many groups who have tried and failed to make it back to the charts, and there’s a host of reality show divas hoping the exposure reignites their music careers, so we tried to avoid them on this last. That leaves a bunch of folks that are always rumored to be doing something but never do, or those who are probably done for good but we enjoyed their music so much we wish they’d try to make the magic happen one more time.

Here’s our list of the groups and artists we wish we could get to do a great comeback record.


Two studio albums, one gold, one platinum  Years Active: 1996-1998

Girl groups were a staple of the 90’s but have dropped off in both R&B and pop music since. Now there are a host of one-named music superstars from Beyoncè to Rihanna, but where are the girl groups that used to dominate the charts? Total was once such a group. Although they weren’t the top sellers that say En Vogue was, they set the tone for the era with their hip-hop meets R&B style and music. Listening to their earlier stuff now, it sounds as though they could put the music out today.

We highly doubt they’ll ever reunite – Pamela Long is now married to J.Long, one of the original members of Pretty Ricky, and is now a gospel artist, Keisha (Spivey) Epps is married to actor Omar Epps and seems to have no desire whatsoever to reunite and Kima Raynor, well, we have no idea what’s up with her (or her sister Vita, who appeared on several records with Ja Rule) these days.

Sigh. Can’t you see….that we just didn’t get enough while you were around?


4 studio albums, one Platinum, one 8x platinum, one 4x platinum, one 3x platinum Years Active: 1998-2004 

Sure, Beyoncè and Kelly got together to do a song and video with Michelle, but somehow we feel like Destiny’s Child has just one more project in them. When they did the Super Bowl together it seemed right for all three of them to be on the stage performing together again.

Although the group went through several phases before settling into the final trio of Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle, but they really only made one complete record with that lineup (2004’a Destiny Fulfilled) and it wasn’t the best DC record. We needed more. Chances of a real reunion happening – none, give that Beyonce’s ginormous solo career success and current pregnancy has likely effectively ended that conversation at least for a while to come.


6 studio albums, 2 platinum, one 3x platinum Years active 1990-2004

Sure, EnVogue has been touring and performing over the years. But we want the real EnVogue – Dawn Robinson, Cindy Herron, Maxine Jones and Terry Ellis. While Cindy and Terry have remained in every incarnation of the group, Dawn and Maxine have been in an out. You’ll remember that Dawn went on to form Lucy Pearl with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Raphael Saadiq and they made one album and then disbanded. Her time on reality TV didn’t help matters much. But let’s not forget when EnVogue was one of the most dominant girl groups on the scene.

They were TLC’s grown up counterparts and they scored throughout the 90’s with hits like “Hold On” and the remake of “Giving Him Something He Can Feel.” We just want to see the girls put aside whatever differences they have and go for the magic one more time. Will it happen? Hmmmm, the odds don’t seem in favor of it.


2 studio albums,  One gold, one platinum Years active: 1992-1994

You may wonder why we added Jade to this list since they only had one big hit: 1992’s “Don’t Walk Away.” But since then, girl groups have practically become dormant and their uptempo dance tracks were a fresh sound back then. We say they may have peaked too early because solo female acts with a heavy dance/electronic influence are all that seems to winning these days.

We may have picked Jade because now that the natural hair trend has become so popular, they could really work it. The women we know as Jade (there was an earlier incarnation) Tonya Kelly, Di Reed and Joi Marshall were the ones behind “Don’t Walk Away” and sported the braids throughout their whole career. We could seem them with fros and braids now so this would be great time.

And it seems Kelly and Joi agree as they’ve teamed up with new member Myracle Holloway and put out a single “Baby Luv” a few years back. But without Di, who has gone on to be a featured singer for Rod Stewart and a background singer for other groups, it just doesn’t feel the same.


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