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While we know that devout Jehovah’s Witness Prince didn’t celebrate birthdays, we feel like we have to celebrate for him. We still miss that man so much, don’t we? Not only all of the wonderful music he crafted but that he was, as David Chappelle said, a pillar of the community, especially the Black music community.

While he worked to maintain a mystique to the public, he was well-known to his intimates for being a prankster, comedian and shade and side-eye master. It feels like a hole was ripped in the universe when he passed on the heavenly realms. We can only hope his legacy will be respected and his life and music will continue to inspire future fans.

Here, to celebrate his memory, legacy and birthday are 7 of his best interviews.

1. CNN w/Larry King 1999 

Though Prince allegedly didn’t do many interviews, since he passed, many have surfaced. Here’s one of the most comprehensive.


2. MTV, 1985 

Prince’s interview from 1985 is his first for television. The video was shot on the set of his video for “America.” Full of gems from him saying he never cared much about being a star and that he’d always live in Minneapolis.


3. Press conference, 2000 NYC

On the eve of release of Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, a poised and thoughtful Prince talks about his newfound spirituality, his relationship with soon-to-be former wife Mayte and more.


4. The George Lopez Show, 2011

Prince and George Lopez talk about his decision to stop cursing, his charitable endeavors and even his ethnic heritage.


5. Academy Of Music Philadelphia, 2000

In 2000, Prince did a series of one-offs to promote a new tour. During his Philly stop, he got political at the end of the show. While this side of Prince has been downplayed, it shows that he was always conscious “woke” and on top of social issues. The bonus is his cover of the Staple Singers’ ‘When Will We B Paid,” at the end.


6. Tavis Smiley ‘BET Tonight” Interview 2009 w/Chaka Khan and Larry Graham

It’s out of sync but this is one of three interviews Prince did with Tavis Smiley. In this one, he talks about artist rights and more.


7. Chris Rock for VH1 1996

Rock asks the questions we all wanted to know including his thoughts on religion (which would drastically change) what the world ‘elevator’ really meant in his song “Let’s Go Crazy” and why he didn’t collaborate with Michael Jackson on ‘Bad.”


8. Electrifying Mojo, 1986 Radio Interview After the Cobo Hall birthday show 

Detroit is the home of  one of Prince’s most passionate fanbases, due much in part to radio deejay Electrifying Mojo, Charles “Mojo” Johnson, who promoted his work early on.  In this late-night after show conversation, Prince is pretty revealing about his life, his process and his art.

Part 1

Part 2


9. MTV News, 1999

In 1999, Prince sat down with MTV News’ Kurt Loder to talk about a variety of things, including what ‘sexy’ stuff he might have in the vault. He also talks to MTV News about why music is influential and how responsible he believes artists should be.



10. The Arsenio Hall Show 2014

Prince talks about bootlegging, rebuilding the community and a certain night south of Wilshire…



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