Roland Martin: Black People Need To Become Investors


Since Nike announced their Colin Kaepernick ad people have been rushing out to buy more Nike gear. Roland Martin acknowledges that’s a great thing but says there’s something better we can do. We can take the money that we’re spending on shoes and buy stock.

Martin talks to Pastor Jamal Bryant, about what he did to encourage his congregation to invest. Bryant says that he got tired of Black people, “being consumers and not being investors.” So, he decided to “shift the narrative.”

He brought Black brokers to church and asked every member to buy stock for their kids instead of a new pair of shoes. Pastor Bryant was happy with the result and says that now we need to bring that same support to Black owned businesses.

After, he received a special gift from Nike, “a box of limited edition jump man” shoes. He found it very telling that after he received his gift, Black preachers started asking him how they can get a pair of shoes and not how they can buy stock.




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3 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Black People Need To Become Investors

  1. valerie lee on said:

    Perfect example of our people easing accusations of collective dependency on government programs and finding ways to advance our economic independence.

  2. Roland Martin needs to sit his fat head self down somewhere. He only decides to speak on behalf of black people when hes not out doing the wobble. He should shut up.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    I don’t particularly care for Jamal Bryant as a a pastor- he’s an arrogant hypocrite, however, in this case he put his words into action and turned people’s thinking around…to hear that other pastors are more interested in getting the sneakers rather than creating wealth is sorely disappointing, ungodly and embarrassing.

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