Friend to the 'Russ Par Morning Show,' Roland Martin calls in to debunk the myth of Trump's Black support and those expecting another check.

Russ Parr spoke with his good golf friend Roland Martin to better explain the current crisis of war and conflict over in the Middle East.

Media personality Roland Martin took a swipe at Richardson after she came in last at the Prefontaine Classic and Twitter is not letting him get away with it.

Martin makes it clear: “Some of the brokest people in America keep voting for Republicans” and Republicans don’t care about “broke white people” either.


Roland Martin served as the voice of truth following Ice Cube's continued demonstration that he still supports Donald Trump's "fraudulent" Platinum Plan for Black America.

Roland Martin has been a part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show for the past 11 years and today is his last commentary. So he goes out with a bang. If you don’t get anything else from him, he wants you to get how important your vote is. Sunday in the airport, a young man […]

Reflecting on the last 25 years of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, in between the jokes, fun, laughter and music, Roland Martin says show served the “purpose” of “reprogramming of Black America.” Not the reprogramming of the music, but of the “minds of Black people,” Martin says. Black folks have been “so impacted by white […]

Yesterday Senator Kamala Harris made an announcement that Roland Martin says left “a whole lot of Black women,” upset. Harris notified her staff that she was ending her presidential campaign, due to lack of funds. Martin explains that this is a big deal because she was only the third Black woman to run for president. “Black […]

On November 22 Americas Got Talent announced that Gabrielle Union and other female judges were let go. Roland Martin believes that Union was let go because she was not a “compliant negro.” Union had a three year contract but was let go after only one.  NBC claims to be having a “refresh” of judges but, it […]

If you haven’t been paying attention to the courts, you may not have noticed but Roland Martin points out that Republicans make elections about the courts. “They want to pack the federal bench with these young 35-40 year old right wing judges” he explains, that way they’ll control the courts for the next 50 years. Kristen […]

“How do you reach voters that have long been ignored by politicians?” has been the question of the year. In the last few elections that people have tried to reach these voters. Roland Martin talks to Rev. Dr. William Barber about how to really reach these people in what he calls “hard to organize places.” Barber […]

Tonight’s Democratic presidential debate is being held in Atlanta, Georgia on the Oprah Winfrey Sound Stage at Tyler Perry’s studios. Roland Martin Talks to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who says she’s “hoping in the name of Jesus all goes well for the city.” Bottoms wants the candidates to talk about affordable housing, because it’s […]