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Pastor Darrell Scott of Ohio’s New Spirit Revival Church has once again shown his love for Donald Trump. In a meeting Trump had with inner-city pastors this week, Scott said that Trump is the most pro-Black president in recent history.

Watch below:

The meeting, also attended by popular preacher John Gray, was set to discuss prison reform with pastors in the inner cities. Afterwards, Gray had this to say on Instagram and to his congregation:

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Optics. It’s never about what it is. It’s about what it looks like. My wife @grayceeme told me “If you go, no one will hear what you say. They won’t understand why you’re there. And any good that could come out of it will get lost in translation.” Wise words from a loving, discerning wife. I had not one thing to gain by being there. Not. One. But I asked the Lord when I was asked to be present in this initial meeting about potential prison reform-that could greatly end up benefitting many people who look just like me-Lord, Do you want me in that room? My first mind was no. The pain of so many is too real. The hurt. The isolation. The sense of disenfranchisement. The real hate that has bubbled to the surface of the national discourse. I myself have been vocal about my personal disagreements with key policy decisions of this administration. I have everything to lose. Credibility. Reputation. Every natural inclination says stay home. Don’t get played. It’s gonna be a photo op with no substance. But I did the one thing I can’t shake: I prayed again and asked God. Do you want me in that room? My attendance gives the answer. My heart was pure as was my motive and intention. But the pain of those who have been hurt is real. And I would be a dishonorable man not to acknowledge that. But I will honor what I believe was the mandate on my life to be there and available to God should He choose to give me voice. This post is in no way attempting to invalidate the visceral reaction of those who can’t imagine why I would be in the room. The question becomes who did Jesus turn away from? This said, I went to this meeting to listen. And I do pray for comprehensive prison reform so people can have the second chance they need. And I also understand the pain and questions. May my heart translate beyond the optics. (OH YEAH, the pastor who said the current president was the most pro-Black president ever WAS NOT ME-so get that STRAIGHT) love y’all. This post is closed to comments. This my heart. It needs no commentary. #swipeleft

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Comments on Gray’s social media account derided the pastor for attending the meeting and delivering a prayer while there.

But Scott has supported Trump before, giving a speech in 2016, while Trump was running about how he would be a president ‘that everyone could be proud of.”

Other pastors attending the meeting include Alveda King, a niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church in Maryland and Philip Goudeaux of Calvary Christian Center in North Sacramento, Bishop Harvey Winans, all were in attendance along with several others. Pastor Paula White, a spiritual advisor to Trump, is said to have arranged the meeting.

Baltimore preacher and activist Jamal Bryant, who did not attend the meeting, shared his feelings on Facebook about it. (You can get a list of all the preachers there starting at 3:40 in the video below) He was not happy, to say the least and he makes the very valid point about whether or not the preachers invited actually have prison ministries.

Do you think there is any justification for meeting with Trump if you are a pastor? Does giving people grace include seeming to support them when they are doing things that most believe are not in the best interests of African-Americans?

Read the transcript with Trump’s remarks HERE.


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47 thoughts on “Ohio Pastor Darrell Scott Co-Signs Trump In Clergy Meeting, John Gray Responds and Jamal Bryant Weighs In

  1. Dawn Carey on said:

    Rev. Dr. Howard John Wesley sums it allllll up in his August 5th sermon, titled, “A Seat at the Table”. If you don’t do anything else today go to YouTube and listen to this short sermonic genius of a man.

  2. Wow Andy – let’s see…he has called NFL players son of bitches, keeps, along with his minions, continue to block, remove the rights of people to vote, especially where he fears losing in both the midterm and general elections, he selected Bannon to his cabinet – – a well, non-hidden racist, appointed head of education with absolutely no work in the area of education and with no concern or compassion for teachers or students; and speaking of appointments, other than blinky Carson, what legitimate Black has he appointed to his cabinet. Every policy he has put in place has had a negative affect on people of color and people at the poverty level. He wants to destroy the AHA, and it may not have been a perfect system but it was certainly more than a majority of American citizens had – he wants to eliminate pre-existing conditions and has put policies in place that make the cost of AHA excessively high giving AHA a negative connotation. There is not enough space here for it all. Like Zenobia stated you are simply to lazy to research the reality of what is going on. Perhaps your question should be what has he not done to be receiving all of this disdain from the Black community. You need to wake up!!

    • Zenobia on said:

      The fact that you are laziest enough to ask that question but have enough time to spend on social media says it all. You need to do your own homework and read, perhaps you’ll agree with what this man has been doing. Ignorance is not an excuse to be baffled when you have access to information…read

      • Gina Klempel on said:

        Sorry you have the wrong party it was the Demonrats that fostered the KKK do your homework and inform yourself it was also foster by Woodrow Wilson another Demonrat president that was anti African American the Demonrats have duped you all into thinking they were for you and they were not. Robert KKK Byrd the beloved mentor of the Clinton’s was another member of the KKK please stop buying into the lie and get yourself informed. Any pastor that stands up and speaks out black or white has my respect too long have the Christians been silent and its high time they step out of their web of silence and speak for righteousness.

  3. I read Pastor John Grays statement. I say two things. If your helpmate advise you what may happen if you attend, and you go anyway. You didn’t listen to your helpmate. Secound, when you got there and say who was there you should have left. You brought this on to yourself, by not listening to your helpmate. Why do you think God gave you a helpmate in the first place.

  4. Willie Clark on said:

    How is it these supposed men of God seek his divine guidance and believe this hate monger of a snake? This a hole will chain all of you ministers the first chance he gets. Did any of you ask why he treats minorities especially black men and women like dirt? I bet not. But you did get your picture with your master. Feel Good?

  5. Willie Clark on said:

    How is it these supposed men of God seek his divine guidance and believe this hate monger of a snake? This shoe will chain all of you ministers the first chance he gets. Did any of you ask why he treats minorities especially black men and women like dirt? I bet not. But you did get your picture with your master. Feel Good?

    • Hi Willie I read your concerns I don’t agree with the fact that Trump is a hate monger and as far as Pastor Scott my advice to all as a christian is that God said do touch his anointed and this pastor is anointed at first I wasn’t a Trumpster but I after living through 7 presidents I have never heard one say that he believes in turning the power back to the people never heard that before. This man listens the others only told you what you want to her and did NOTHING. He wants charter schools for African Americans and I believe it should be for all under privileged children black or white ALL CHILDREN HAVE TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL they deserve the chance to become all they can be look at Ben Carson I love that guy what a role model. I saw the kind of teaching in the inner city school in Chicago and it was shameful. Working with people only gets you ahead use ideas to achieve your goals not violence and hate. SEE THE MOVIE DEATH OF A NATION all men and women should see it it was great. Have a great day and God bless you and God bless this great nation we ALL fought and bled for.

  6. A. Roberts on said:

    Dr. Bryant, my heart is also heavy. I don’t understand why black people fall into the trap of giving this man what he wants, needs and craves. To watch them fall at the feet of the ‘king’ and say it’s in the name of Jesus. God bless you for your voice and prospective.

  7. Passing Through!! on said:

    The Bible is a weapon of the racist used to keep black people in subservience always has been starting with the slave masters. White Christianity, white supremacy, and racism all go hand in hand. White people have altered, rigged everything in this world to tilt in their favor, even the bible portraying Jesus with blue eyes and blond hair straight out of Africa. Unfortunately the religious black sheep are too brainwashed by the white’s man’s religion to think for themselves, this is how politicians use Abortion and Gay rights to mislead black dummies off the cliff. Darrell Scott is a coon and Alveda King is mentally-ill. I won’t allow ANY man’s religion to tell me who the f**k I am or that I’m inferior because his book says so.

    • tedgravely on said:

      PT – as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. However, look at the black church; fewer men are attending, pastors are modern day Judas, and religion is being used to keep the weak, poor, our women, and ill-informed in chains. So I agree with your sentiment. God illuminates these snakes an people still follow like sheep. How is Jamal Bryant still in the pulpit? Not every man is unfaithful to his wife; Jamal Bryant is and Eddie Long was. However, Jamal and Eddie’s sheep will scream you down – don’t talk about the man of God, or say something ridiculous by justifying their sins while evoking King David. What they don’t/won’t dare say is to hold the title of Bishop you must meet certain criteria. A bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife, etc….. These hypocrites won’t dare preach that sermon. The Word will convict you. How the church tolerates whoremongering from the preacher is beyond me. Now for The Lost Ignorant 20 and their meeting with #45. I’ll wait to see what this “Pro Black President” accomplishes. President Obama pardon and commuted hundreds, particularly focused on our unfair drug laws. Let’s see if #45 comes anywhere close. #45 won’t appoint blacks (sans Carson) to his cabinet or let them have positions at his businesses so I won’t hold my breath on prison reform. They had a seat at the table, but did #45 break bread with them or use their foolish behinds for a photo op to continue to trick the lost and ignorant. I’ll end with this. You want to know how little #45 values those fools? Digest this quote from #45 in 2014: “Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations!” We had racist white President one after the other. It was followed by incompetent white President to include a resignation by who – a white President. However, he thinks so little of black people as a whole that he is saying we only get one shot at it and his opinion is that of White America. It ain’t just religion PT – it is the utter stupidity of “sheep following blacks” that pose a real danger to our community.

      • Chris on said:

        @TedGravely – I usually agree with the majority of your comments. But I’m a little perplexed today! Did you even list to Jamal Bryant? How is him “allegedly” cheating on anyone important to what he is talking about NOW! If we had to dig through all the MOFOS that cheated on their significant others, we would get absolutely nowhere! Hell, MLK cheated – but he still had a message! Not condoning infidelity – but damn! Don’t dismiss the message!

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        @Ted…I agree, even when the writings clearly on the wall some are still too stupid to break tradition with the Bible and think for themselves. Look at Eddie Long closet homosexual having sex with boys in his church. He gave that sermon on how he was going to fight then turned around and paid off is accusers and SOME members stayed, followed and defended him, too dumb to think outside the holy book. Jamal Bryant is a total fraud 100%!

    • americanize on said:

      @ PT I Agree with everything you said,I Don,t do traditional religion I belive in a universal God.End of quote.I wouldn,t dare pray to the same god as white supremacist.Obviously there god doesn,t listen to black people,I don,t care what ur religious thinking is I go by ur actions.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        You mean their racist god who lies to them and tell them that they’re superior and have domain over all other races and all races are inferior to them even though blacks were here 8 million before they came. Yea, I don’t believe in that god either. Like you I believe there’s a universal god and the bible was written by man and altered by white supremacist.

    • tedgravely on said:

      Chris – I hear you brother, but not Jamal Bryant, not now. God can use anyone, but I don’t know if it’s God that is using Jamal. He makes the same mistakes over and over again: Kids out of wedlock before marriage, adultery, son born out of wedlock to a woman not his wife. MLK’s wife didn’t believe the garbage on him, Jamal’s wife filed for divorce. If not his actions, his words convict him: Just google and watch a sermon where he uses the phrase “these hoes ain’t loyal.” Watch the reaction of the sheep. I just can’t. Now back to the Lost Ignorant 20. If BAW wanted to direct you to someone’s perspective, they could have used Bishop Talbert Swan’s. There is another article posted tonight on BAW about how social media is lighting up the Lost Ignorant 20. His post is the best and #truth. Go to #6 and hit play, it is worth the 5 seconds. Google his tweets and notice he doesn’t hold back. Those fools sit around the table and question Obama while praising #45 as a true Christian. Trump said he never asked God for forgiveness. Uh. The most striking thing that Bishop Swan called out was something Jamal can’t – Trump has 5 children by 3 wives he cheated on, banged porn stars and he is a Christian. Jamal can’t say that. Here is the kicker, Bishop Swan hit the nail on the head talking about our great pro black POTUS. You ready – Trump nominated 87 people for federal judgeships; 80 whites, one African-American; all built their careers being against civil rights. I love Brother Jamal and pray he comes back under the covering. However, he is just as bad as #45 and the Lost Ignorant 20. Saying one thing and doing another. Just my opinion. See you Monday.

      • @TedGravely – thank you for clearing up your previous statement and thanks for the additional info on this topic. Be blessed.

      • Amber on said:

        Yeah but lets NOT put all black churches under the same label. That would be like some thinking blacks are lazy and up to no good.

  8. Vince Bailey on said:

    They sat with him because they are all about that money.. We black people need to stop looking for GOD to save us.. Hell we got the power to save ourselves.. we too often are followers and not leaders that why we care about what these lying politicians and so call pastors are doing..

    Public Enemy told us years ago the following stating.. Every brother ain’t no brother just cause of color.. they backstab us to.. look at the shooting of Huey Newton..

  9. How utterly disappointing…..but this is what you do when you sell you soul for fame and fortune. It’s appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment – – and judgment day is coming. Where much is given, much is required and they will have to answer to God why they prostituted their anointing for a few coins (hmm, sound a little like Judas)!

  10. Really on said:

    God did mention about pastors being false prophets coming out.

    It’s embarrassing to look at all of this. It reminds me of those HBCU presidents getting shafted by Trump,thinking that they were going to get more money for their schools. They know how he is yet they still flock to jim. Unless it’s destruction for Black communities,Trump isn’t going to be their Santa Claus.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      And all the black coonsersvatives who thought Omarosa was going to usher them into the RepubliKKKan party, she would open the door to get them jobs within the trump administration. They found out very quickly that she lied to them with the whitest cabinet in history.

      • Really on said:

        @ Passing Through.

        Yep. Even Omorosa got played…thinking that she’ll be running the Whitehouse. She’s still Black and forgot where she stands with White society. Sure..theyll get you to do their dirty work but as the saying goes ” First hired,first fired”. She got used and fired by a White man ( John Kelly)who thought that she was getting too big for her own good.

  11. Yes, we need to pray for this country BUT don’t think the Democratic Party have blacks back. Eight years of Obama proved that. We, Black people, are all alone. None of these parties care about us. They only care about our votes. So, yes, vote 2018 and 2020 but don’t just throw away your vote to a party that will not improve your cause. #politcalpartyless

    • Candidate Obama ran on a platform for all United States citizens, not just for Black folks. How many were able to get health insurance even with pre-existing conditions? He tried to get the work bill through for city and state infrastructure and congress and the house sat on it; he signed the bill for equal pay for women (not just Black women); signed to raise the minimum wage. He was not elected just for Black folks but for all US citizens. You cannot say the same for 45 – his agenda is out right, out front against people of color. He may not have been perfect in the eyes of some, but he was certainly better than what citizens of the United States now have.

      • S.D. Yes, he ran for all people, but my comment was about who is doing what for black people. NO ONE. As a black person, I care about how things impact my community. As someone mentioned, he completely changed the course for LGBT and Hispanic people, what about blacks. Those things you mentioned, many middle class, working Americans insurance doubled as a result of ‘free healthcare’ and they couldn’t afford it. Increasing minimum age, helps who, the business who later lay people off because of employment costs, the people who gets it but still uneducated in finance so that increase did nothing because they are still poor. Equal pay for all women but yet women still only make cents on the dollar compare to men.

      • Amber on said:

        I agree S.D. Obama did a good job as he could. Also, unemployment in the black community is low. this is due to Obama, not Trump even though Trump is trying to take credit. I say alot of stuff in our community has more of an individual effort that needs to be done as well. I look at the crime. lets be real. Not all of these blacks are innocent yet they know a system is against them yet still go out and kill, steal, etc. Our issues is many things including on ourselves as individuals.

    • americanize on said:

      Real Talk K the dems just use us for numbers,and Obama did nothing for black folks,he sign laws for homosexuals,he sign laws for Hispanics,he sign laws for the banks.He did nothing tangible for black people.

      • Wow,none you have ever been taught to study hard in school. Weather you believe in God or not, your business, none of you who are groaning & griping have ever looked at a Bible, if you had you would know race Jesus was. Read revelation , Lomb wool is not blond and bronze colored skin is not from lack melatonin. I know people who work hard, even have 2 , jobs in other words not sitting bitching waiting for the Government to take.

    • americanize on said:

      These coons have to get there butter biscuits.And that alveda king is a disgrace to the king family.She will probably be in the next ghetto gaggers.

      • Really on said:

        Dr.King is probably turning in his grave knowing how Alveda is smearing his good name. It’s a shame. I see why Christianity is slowly going down the toilet..becausr of these so called Black ” Christians ” being in this man’s circle.

        Like some have mentioned on here and elsewhere,it’s hypocritical how some of these same people are not there for Social justice issues against police brutality, immigration, xenophobia and other problems that needs to be taken care of. Yet, they can sit with a man who wants to destroy minorities.

        I don’t know what to say about these
        Christian ” leaders” of today.They are cowards.People want something for nothing.

    • Gina Klempel on said:

      Yep, it makes me sick when I heard Biden say “no wonder people voted for Obama he is a clean articulate black man” now that mean that others are inarticulate and are dirty. The Democrats are the party of slavery and hate look it up it started with Woodrow Wilson agreeing with the film Birth of A Nation wake up black America “I did”. Knowledge is power hate and inflammatory remarks will acquire nothing in the end.

  12. Mia.P on said:

    Fuck trump and Fuck the Fake as Minister and when he come back like he said he would he is going to hit the churches first and get all them wicked people first. Dump trump and Vote in Nov 2018 and 2020. Joe Biden and Joe Kennedy 2020. And for all them coons in there with that lying orange man How do you all sleep at night?

    • Gina Klempel on said:

      Go see Death of A Nation and see who the real slave owners were it was the Demoncrats fostered by Woodrow Wilson and other Demonrat presidents Wilson A democrat with his Birth of A Nation take a look at Planned Parenthood founding by Margaret Sanger she practiced Eugenics another way of controlling the unwanted and African Americans and also the Native Americans Wilson a Demonrat was so excited about this it was truly sickening. Go look up history and quilt blathering about nothing and by the way God doesn’t see color and Jesus died for ALL mankind they have all fooled you into thinking they were for you, really then why so much poverty and lay off Ben Carson just because he is a conservative. When you become a pediatric Neuro-surgeon then maybe I will listen.

  13. Jeremy g on said:

    If God wanted them there, it was not to be silent. They had a chance to stand for something. Don’t disagree with Scott now, they had their chance and chickened out

    • Really on said:


      It’s funny how people equate Christianity to silence. If they really read and knew the bible as well as they want to think they do, they would realize that doing the Lord’s work is about confronting things that are tough,getting out of their confort zones and speaking out against injustices of every kind.

      Maybe I know about the Civil Rights era of my people but it seemed that you seen more bravery with those leaders back then than today. People are not doing God’s work as much as they think they are. They just want to take the easy way out.It just seems that people want to tip toe their way into justice.

  14. I do not understand why these black ministers keep falling into his trap. Trump does not care about black issues and them sitting at a table with him won’t change that. We need to pray that someone else becomes president in 2020.

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