The National Association Of Broadcasters is in town and last night there was a party. 25 years ago the Tom and his team presented the TJMS to the association and from there it took off. During the party there was a lot of talk about that day and it brought back so many memories for […]

Guy’s favorite part about performing at comedy clubs is getting ready. When all of the comedian’s are backstage they go back and forth with each other and it’s hilarious. But, there is noting better than the sidewalk show. Outside of the comedy club you wan often find comedians playing the dozens and there are no […]

Sherri Shepherd has been filling in for Wendy Williams and she’s done such a great job that Sybil has been calling it ‘The Sherri Shepherd Show.’ Guy credits her past in stand-up with helping her create such a strong stage presence. The crew agrees that Sherri is a natural and even deserves her own show. […]

Tom and Sybil are on holiday break but the show must go on! Skip Murphy and Madelyne Woods are in for them and Guy Torry is in the funny chair. If you love the Hulk you’ve probably heard about Lou Ferrigno being hospitalized after a vaccine. The actor’s bicep held fluid after receiving the shot […]

Donald Trump had a good day and a bad day! Stormy Daniels was ordered to pay Trump $300,000 for defamation and to cover his legal fees. On the same day he was made fun of for going in front of the press and throwing a tantrum! He threatened to shut the government down if he […]

At the top of the year there will be a documentary released about R. Kelly and Tom says they hold nothing back. Tom says he was interviewed for the documentary but isn’t sure if he made the cut or not.  Guy suggests speaking in “sound bites” if you’re ever interviewed for a film, because you’ll […]

The results of yesterday’s election didn’t exactly go our way. Andrew Gillum lost in Florida and Tom is taking it pretty hard. He wonders what else we could have done, we got the word out, we voted, and encouraged others to vote. There’s not much else we could have done, but we’re not done yet! […]

Over the weekend Tom went to Maxwell’s show in Baltimore, was honored by the National Association Of Black Owned Broadcasters, and was the Grand Marshall of Bethune-Cookman’s homecoming parade. And he got some exciting news, but can’t spill the beans just yet! Stay tuned for an important announcement! HEAD BACK TO THE BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM HOMEPAGE

Tom is back in the big chair! He’s been broadcasting from Miami for so long he says his seat feels different, his butt doesn’t feel the same in the chair. Sybil has been sitting in his chair, and she says she was just keeping it warm! But Tom insists that his butt doesn’t fit the […]

It’s Friday! Damon is in the funny chair in our Atlanta studio today. He’s performing all weekend at the Atlanta Comedy Theater. Tom says that Damon is the only comedian that gets along with everyone in ATL! So he should have a great weekend! If you’re in the area check him out. READ MORE STORIES […]

Guy’s big sister decided to stay home and ride out hurricane Florence; luckily she’s okay. Her home didn’t flood, but Guy says she’s a hoarder and a little flooding would have probably done some good. Maybe if her home got a little water she would be forced to throw some things away! But, Tom says a […]

Yesterday Guy Torry  told us that his sister will be in North Carolina riding out hurricane Florence with her son, ex husband, and ex’s new boo. Kym says she’d be totally fine with a situation like that because she has remained friends with her exes. Sherri says she’d take in the new boo before she takes […]