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Beyonce’s mother, Tina Lawson reacted to Method Man’s recent apology to the members of Destiny’s Child after confessing that he once dissed the members of the all-girl group. 

'BLACK IS KING' by Beyoncé is a film that felt like everyone and their mother saw when it exclusively streamed on Disney+ last year, but now it appears that momma bear Tina Lawson doesn't believe Disney promoted the project to its full potential due to racial prejudice on the media giant's behalf. 

Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrated 12 years of marriage this weekend and the singer’s mother, Tina Lawson, marked the occasion by sharing a snap from their wedding on her Instagram page. One image shows a ‘just married’ Beyoncé raising the roof with one hand with the other holding on to Jay as they make their way back down the aisle. […]

Jay-Z’s controversial partnership with the NFL continues to stir up emotion, the Brooklyn emcee announced that the NFL would divest $100M into criminal justice reform over the next 10 years in a recent interview with The New York Times. But one of the rap mogul’s biggest supporters, his mother-in-law, Tina Lawson, posted an Instagram message on […]

Houston City Council Member Amanda Edwards announced last month she’s running for U.S. Senate, and now has received the endorsement of Beyonce’s mother Tina Lawson. Ms. Tina is reportedly hosting a brunch fundraiser Saturday for Edwards, a source familiar with the event told The Post. Edwards is part of a growing list of Democrats hoping to unseat three-term U.S. Sen. John […]

The global superstar sat down with her mama, Tina Lawson for a routine trim, and Mama Tina was so astonished by her daughter’s super long hair that she captured the moment on Instagram.

Beyonce fans have come to enjoy her mother’s corny joke videos on Instagram. Most recently she had the help of the singer’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, with serving up some laughs online,. Tina Lawson posted another funny knock-knock joke and Blue’s sweet voice can be heard assisting in the background.. Watch the clip below Followers seemed quite impressed […]

It’s nice to see the Knowles family put aside any differences they may have all to celebrate the success of Beyonce. In a TMZ clip, Mathew Knowles explains how he managed to surprise Beyonce outside her dressing room in Seattle last weekend. It’s a sweet story complete with a dozen roses and a special father-daughter moment. It seems Mathew Knowles caught ex-wife Tina and daughter […]

OWN’s smash-hit documentary series Black Love kicked off the mid-season premiere last week with Beyoncé and Solange’s mother, Tina Lawson, 64, and her husband, Richard Lawson. The couple opened up about how he proposed and that time a boat ride motivated their decision to take things to the next level. But there’s also a moment when Tina destroys her husband’s ego… and […]

OWN’s smash-hit documentary series Black Love returns tonight with Beyoncé and Solange’s mother, Tina Lawson, 64, and her husband, Richard Lawson, 71, kicking off the mid-season premiere. The Lawson’s open about how he proposed and how a couple’s boat ride motivated their decision to take things to the next level. Check out the lovely couple in the clip above. Ms. Tina […]

In the wake of that crazy story about Sanaa Lathan biting Beyonce that we can never quite verify, comes news that Sanaa’s parents and Bey’s mom, Tina, are not letting it keep them from being friends and hanging together. We’ve got video of their 4th of July hangout; Tina Lawson gathered with a few of her friends to enjoy a little get […]

Richard Lawson, Beyoncé’s step-dad, wears a lot of hats. The producer, director, actor, and author married Tina Lawson and says life has been great getting to know the family and continuing his career. “Listen, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to you know to have the collection of an incredible human being. We have […]