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OWN’s smash-hit documentary series Black Love kicked off the mid-season premiere last week with Beyoncé and Solange’s mother, Tina Lawson, 64, and her husband, Richard Lawson.

The couple opened up about how he proposed and that time a boat ride motivated their decision to take things to the next level.

But there’s also a moment when Tina destroys her husband’s ego… and fans can’t get enough of dissecting the shade she served up.

Tina explains that she was fearful to take a chance on love, but prayed for the type of man she wanted until the Lawd delivered Richard.

But when she went on to say that Richard isn’t perfect, the actor was stunned, and the clever cameraman zoomed in to capture his not-so-subtle reaction.

Some fans are happy that Tina is speaking her truth, others say she went too far and embarrassed her spouse.

Watch the clip below and decide for yourself.


In case you missed the full episode, Mr. Lawson shared the story of how he proposed to Tina:

“I called her children and I asked for her hand in marriage from them. I thought that that was important, because I knew without that, based upon the fact that Tina lives for her children, that it didn’t stand a chance unless they were on board. I was fortunate enough that they were completely on board and just over the top excited about it.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Tina said her granddaughter, Blue Ivy, helped her realize that she was ready to get married again following her divorce from Mathew Knowles.

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33 thoughts on “Tina Lawson Shades Husband Richard In ‘Black Love’ Viral Video [Watch Inside]

  1. She shouldn’t misuse the brother because he chose a profession with no safety net and very few places to go when work is slow. She chose him, for whatever reason, and should maintain a public appearance instead of putting their business all out here in the street. Handle whatever dissatisfaction at home and even separate or get a divorce if necessary but don’t air your dirty laundry out here in public so people can talk about you all in the neighborhood. Other than that they look like a pretty nice couple.

  2. Tina bought that dude so she can say whatever she wants. What was the last major role you saw him in, the last series, the last hit broadway play? He sucked off Aretha for awhile so gigolo, thy name is richard.

  3. Brer Lawson seemed a bit caught off guard with the one-sided remark, since he simply appeared to be there to put on the image of being the perfect silent prop in their marriage, it came off well until Ms. Tina let loose and put their business in the street with her big country ass mouth. He should have smiled and challenged her simple ass after the interview off camera, IMO.

  4. Vivian Todd on said:

    People should stay off any type of social media if they don’t want to be analyzed. Her delivery was harsh to me. Not to mention his reaction from it. Oops.

  5. Nikki Anderson on said:

    An apology is in order , yes know one is perfect, do we need to publicly down our Man no, Money does not make the Woman head of the man, had the tables turned emotionally her feelings would be hurt. Rethink our flapping gums. Now next …

  6. Annette on said:

    She was wrong for this #1 reason…you said you prayed for a certain type of man but she got Richard. It wasn’t about being perfect because no one is. I think it would have been nice to say she got more than what she prayed for therein you’re saying God short changed her and God don’t give us any old think. How would she have felt that he prayed for a certain type woman but got Tina.

  7. His reaction implied he thought he was perfect. His arrogance, how dare he. No man is perfect. Every man has flaws and she would not be speaking truth if she said he is. Her job is not to boost his ego, her job is to love him, support him and share a healthy truthful life. Grow up people and get your lives together. They too old for the bullshit. Obviously Ms.Tina knows this.

    • In a relationship, you build each other up, not tear them down, especially publicly. There’s a time and place for everything. Tina is far from perfect! If she were, there would have been no need for the plastic surgery..

      • Pennae Mucker-Williams on said:

        I agree. Our job is to build up each other’s ego and everything else. It’s thinking like this Gladys that marriages don’t last. Edify each other and keep the negativity at home where it belongs. She’s not use to being in the limelight obviously. Take note from Beyoncé.

    • Justme on said:

      He did seem to act as though he is “perfect.” Had he said he wasn’t perfect himself it wouldn’t be a problem but,, since she put it out there,, she’s throwing shade. His reaction didn’t sit well with me but at the end of the day, that’s their business not mine (ours).

  8. She should have said, neither of them are perfect, but they are perfect for each other. She is still coming from a bitter space with Mathew Knowles. She needs to let that go and love her husband, not many women her age are given a second chance.

  9. Yvonne Scott on said:

    Richard and Tina Lawson make the best couple for his Daughter Bianca. And tje best couple for Tina’s children and grandchildren. Solange and Beyonce now have a father they can depend on. Matthew loves his children but he lost big time. But its solely his fault.

  10. My God – Let this story go already ! They are a typical american couple who put their clothes on the same way we all do. Stop analyzing them and trying to create a ‘divide’.

    • Olivebeauty on said:

      Black love is important in this country. Time and time again we always see whites in relationships that are always deemed positive
      , when in fact they aren’t. They lie, cheat, kill more so than any other race. Its not all about white people. Its refreshing to see black couples expressing love and respect for one another. So yes, it is important.

    • Sherri Solomon on said:

      This particular story is bigger than them. Their type scenario has been a trending topic in the Black community for years among BM which partly why is wh blacky men like Tommy Sotomayor on youtube exist along with the growing divide amongst BM and BW of the milineal generation.

  11. S Hewett on said:

    This wasn’t the shadiest comment she made to him. At one point she says ‘it doesn’t mean you don’t want to kill them’ and he said ‘I never want to kill you’. Her response – “I want to kill you a lot”. Now that is shade and disrespect. Lol.

  12. I can’t believe this has been made a “story”! No, he isn’t perfect; she isn’t either – who is? He is an actor people, his feelings weren’t hurt – This is so ridiculous!! Do we have see conflict in everything???

  13. Gladys on said:

    I did not believe she shaded him. She said he is not perfect. Well who is perfect? Only Jesus Christ, so Tina spoke the truth. I thought it was pretty arrogant of him to question her concerning his “perfection”

    • As wrong as he was she was that much wronger( yeah i know wronger is not an accepted word) can’t bring a real word to mind. Just like we have no problem seeing the cops being the even wronger one who unnecessarily kill BM doing who are wrong themselves doing criminal behavior I can’t understand why we can’t use the same analogy in this scenario..

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