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OWN’s smash-hit documentary series Black Love kicked off the mid-season premiere last week with Beyoncé and Solange’s mother, Tina Lawson, 64, and her husband, Richard Lawson.

The couple opened up about how he proposed and that time a boat ride motivated their decision to take things to the next level.

But there’s also a moment when Tina destroys her husband’s ego… and fans can’t get enough of dissecting the shade she served up.

Tina explains that she was fearful to take a chance on love, but prayed for the type of man she wanted until the Lawd delivered Richard.

But when she went on to say that Richard isn’t perfect, the actor was stunned, and the clever cameraman zoomed in to capture his not-so-subtle reaction.

Some fans are happy that Tina is speaking her truth, others say she went too far and embarrassed her spouse.

Watch the clip below and decide for yourself.


In case you missed the full episode, Mr. Lawson shared the story of how he proposed to Tina:

“I called her children and I asked for her hand in marriage from them. I thought that that was important, because I knew without that, based upon the fact that Tina lives for her children, that it didn’t stand a chance unless they were on board. I was fortunate enough that they were completely on board and just over the top excited about it.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Tina said her granddaughter, Blue Ivy, helped her realize that she was ready to get married again following her divorce from Mathew Knowles.

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