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Roland Martin has been a part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show for the past 11 years and today is his last commentary. So he goes out with a bang. If you don’t get anything else from him, he wants you to get how important your vote is.

Sunday in the airport, a young man came up to him and asked, “you call people who didn’t vote in 2016 dumb asses, I didn’t vote in 2016, do you really think we’re dumb asses?” Roland said he looked the young man in the eye and said “yes.” He then asked him what some things he cares about are. After the the young man answered Martin responded that there is a politician in charge of everything that he just named.

Martin says that “the republicans can only win if there is low voter turnout.” They count on Black people not voting, and we all need to vote. If you sit at home you’re relinquishing your power. Donald Trump literally thanked Black people for not voting in 2016.  Martin says that “the party he leads represents a clear and present danger to African Americans.” Black Americans need to take back their power and exercise their right to vote.