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Reflecting on the last 25 years of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, in between the jokes, fun, laughter and music, Roland Martin says show served the “purpose” of “reprogramming of Black America.” Not the reprogramming of the music, but of the “minds of Black people,” Martin says.

Black folks have been “so impacted by white supremacy” he says, so much so that a number of us believe “we are second class citizens” and are craving white validation. But Martin reminds folks, “ain’t nothing wrong with loving what is Black supporting what is Black backing what is Black and not being ashamed.”

Though the TJMS is ending, Martin says “what has to continue” is the “reprogramming of Black america to get our people to understand that if you make a commitment to black people, to love black people” it doesn’t mean that we can’t do something else, we chose to love our people and serve our people and that doesn’t mean we’re second best.

“We are better than and we are just as good”Martin says and that’s what it means to be “proud to be Black.”