On November 22 Americas Got Talent announced that Gabrielle Union and other female judges were let go. Roland Martin believes that Union was let go because she was not a “compliant negro.”

Union had a three year contract but was let go after only one.  NBC claims to be having a “refresh” of judges but, it seems like they were only refreshing the women. Simon Cowell has been there since the beginning and Howie Mandel has been there for 10 years.

Union said she got a number of complaints about her appearance including that her hair was “too black.” A top Black contestant was also let go because the audience would most likely, “get behind another act” who was white.

Roland says when you talk about Black people in mainstream places and spaces, we are expected to be quiet and complaint and “just happy to be there.” ”

But, Martin says “we cannot move ahead if we simply stay silent.” As a Black person when you speak up you’re speaking not only for yourself but for the Black people coming behind you, so he believes “what Gabrielle is doing is right.”