Famed movie mogul Tyler Perry is linked to his female alter ego, Madea, so much so that he might even be getting into character while in the bedroom.

It’s Madea! Madea called to wish Tom a happy retirement! “tank you for all the love” over the years. Remembers when they met when she was “working that pole” and he told her that she was going to be somebody. Tyler Perry has a great idea, he says since Madea is retired too they can […]

Fans have enjoyed 15 years of Madea movies, and Tyler Perry is finally “getting ready to put that broad down.” The final Madea movie, Madea’s Family Funeral, hits select theaters tonight and will be available everywhere tomorrow. Perry calls the film “hysterical” and says it was about time somebody showed “the world what happens at […]


Tyler Perry could be challenged (or boycotted) once again by the Actors’ Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA as he gears up for his 11th play, “Madea’s Farewell.” For the production, Perry is looking to hire five non-union roles. Deadline reports that the latest play, which is preparing for a national tour, put out a casting notice recently for a “New nationwide non-union […]

Tyler Perry‘s Nobody’s Fool is out now and Tom, Sybil and Tyler agree that it’s absolutely hilarious! Sybil says “I laughed until I cried, and cried until I laughed.” Tyler says 90% of the movie was scripted but there’s a lot of ad-lib in there too. The cast came up with jokes during filming and a lot […]


Tyler Perry’s says he’s finally ready to retire the ‘Madea’ Franchise for good and fans will get to say goodbye to the character with his upcoming Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral. “This is it,” Perry told SiriusXM radio host Bevy Smith on her show “Bevelations” on Monday. “It’s time for me to kill that old […]

Willie Moore Jr Show

It looks like the hilarious matriarch is heading to heaven in 2019.

Tyler Perry is a busy man, and he had to take time out of his day to set the record straight on Facebook. Apparently those pesky ads that circulate keep using his name in vain to scam people. Perry posted a video to warn fans about the scams, he said he’s not giving out fabulous prizes. “I am not […]

You read that title right, Tyler Perry might be retiring Madea for good. When we’re not sure but it might be happening. “I don’t know man it might be time for everything,” said Perry.” Before my son gets old enough to realize what the hell his dad is doing.” Perry might be ready to hang […]

“This is about 100 minutes of laughter. We need some laughter in this country for sure, ” explained Tyler Perry. That’s what you can expect to get from Boo 2! Madea Halloween. Already hitting theaters on October 20, 2017, the movie aims to please all who watch. Want to know what Madea thinks about the current state of the […]


With Boo! A Madea Halloween earning $56.5 million domestically on a $20 million budget, Tyler Perry and Lionsgate have decided to partner on two more films — one of which will feature Madea in yet another setting, reports Variety. The studio has already made a ton of bank from releasing Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection, Madea Goes […]