Is Tyler Perry Retiring Madea?


You read that title right, Tyler Perry might be retiring Madea for good. When we’re not sure but it might be happening.

“I don’t know man it might be time for everything,” said Perry.” Before my son gets old enough to realize what the hell his dad is doing.”

Perry might be ready to hang the suit up but Madea is not looking forward to it. “She’s scared. She’s hiding from me,” said Perry. “It’s time to go in the box.”

On the cruise, Perry surprised Tom by flying in a day early to see Anita Baker perform because who wouldn’t want to do that.

“I heard the night before. Flew into Jamaica to see her and then flew back to Mexico. It was worth it,” expressed Perry.


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15 thoughts on “Is Tyler Perry Retiring Madea?

  1. oh hell no as madea would say she is not ready for no box baby shes ready for the big screen get with kevin hart an bring madea bk i love your work tyler perry but if we lose madea we have lost one of your greatest characters MABLE SIMMONS MADEA so re think all this plzzzzz.

  2. Gale Nichol's on said:

    Please don’t retire Madea. She is such an important part of my household. I look forward to seeing the next movie. I’ve tried to make a collection of all of her movies and I know I’ve missed it few, but I keep looking. Thank you so much for years of entertainment,

  3. He’s not making fun of mothers or grandmothers. If anything he/she speaks of wisdom and knowledge. We need a few Madeas here and now.

  4. Celia sturgeon on said:

    No please don’t stop doing madea movies i watch boo1 and boo2 every night before i go to bed just for a good laugh i go to bed happy i know it sounds crazy but i do

  5. bernita daniels on said:

    NO NO DONT DO IT!! When i am n a bad mood r feeling down, i put n madea, she makes me laugh and she makes me feel better. U just dont know hpw ur movies make senes to me. Please stay.! I have all ur movies and some of ur plays.

  6. AnJonze on said:

    Well at least do one more play before you retire Madea… and add Sister Rodelll to the roster for the play… that play would sell out for sure, everywhere!! It’s been a long time since we have seen a “Tyler Perry Production” on stage… long overdue!!!

  7. Susie Q on said:

    Tyler Perry has made millions from Madea and people are just jealous because they were not smart enough to create a character that makes millions. Lots of male actors have put on dresses in Hollywood, Robin Williams, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Flip Wilson, Jamie Fox, Ving Rhames, Hugo Weaving, Ricky Smiley, these guys have made millions, so I really don’t think they give a you know what about what anybody says because lots of y’all are living paycheck to paycheck struggling. And you know that if someone paid you men millions to put in a dress y’all will be the first in line. LOL.

  8. pac4me on said:

    Vdabney – where do you people come up with stuff??? The way Tyler felt about his own mother would make him think twice before dishonoring any woman. He now has a mother of his only child (a young boy) and I’m certain that what ever he does will glorify and honor her and his mother’s legacy.

  9. vdabney722 on said:

    It’s about time for Perry, Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy to take off the fat suits, gray wigs, and house dresses, and start Honoring rather than making fun of the mothers, grandmothers and aunts.

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