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If you’ve ever wondered how Keke Wyatt has managed to deliver 10 children, the singer shared a video of her birthing experience on her YouTube channel to show you how it’s done.


Michael J. Ford, the ex-husband to singer KeKe Wyatt, has a huge problem with the star because she’s allegedly been keeping their kids from seeing him for over a year and a half, he claims. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. The father made his and KeKe’s custody battle public by accusing the mother […]


Keke Wyatt and her latest husband Zachariah Darring welcomed Ke’Riah Darring their first child together, Wyatt’s eighth, and tenth addition to their family, earlier this month. After a couple months of speculation, this past fall, Wyatt confirmed that she was expecting. Now, for those of you who are wondering about the count, here’s a breakdown. SIGN UP […]

Willie Moore Jr Show

KeKe Wyatt and the audience were so moved by what she was singing that she interrupted the song to give thanks to Jesus. 

Yes, ya’ll, singer and reality TV show star Keke Wyatt is having her tenth child. The R&B singer, who is married to her third husband, Zachariah Darring, announced on Instagram that she was pregnant. Her tenth pregnancy had been speculated on for months when she performed with what looked like a baby bump, but no […]

Singer KeKe Wyatt was photographed recently and it’s caused a lot of conversation. Her midsection looks a little like she has a baby bump and people believe shes pregnant with her 10th child! Huggy says 10 is way too many! That’s like “the number of times Drake called Kawai asking why he left Toronto,” too many! Huggy […]


Could singer Keke Wyatt be expecting? That’s what fans are speculating after recent video of her performing shows her rubbing on her stomach, which looks more pronounced than it has over the last few months.  Fans hit up her page with all kinds of questions and well-wishes, including “U pregnant again ?????” and “The Fertile […]


Keke Wyatt’s ex-husband, Michael Ford is firing back at her claims that he was toxic and walked out on their marriage while she was 8 months pregnant and their other child was fighting cancer. Now he’s gearing up to sue her for defamation. While comparing her new man, Zachariah Darring, with her ex during a discussion with TMZ, Wyatt said: “This […]


Congratulations is in order for Keke Wyatt.

Russ Parr Interviews

Singer Avant, known for his song  My First Love with Keke Wyatt is going to be featured on Unsung Sunday, April 8. He’s confident that the fans will get to learn something about him that they’ve never known before. “Well hopefully, you know man it’s a lot. You know it’s a lot of my career,” expressed Avant. “You know I […]

When you say Avant the songs My First Love and Read Your Mind may immediately comes to mind. Everyone knows that smooth voice when it comes on and now fans get to know how it all came to be on Unsung. Avant teases some behind the scenes facts about his song Read Your Mind specifically about the breathing that so many women loved. “Tom I didn’t know […]