Yes, ya’ll, singer and reality TV show star Keke Wyatt is having her tenth child. The R&B singer, who is married to her third husband, Zachariah Darring, announced on Instagram that she was pregnant. Her tenth pregnancy had been speculated on for months when she performed with what looked like a baby bump, but no official statement was made until Monday.



Although it’s obvious that Wyatt is fertile and she has her children within a marriage, social media still found it incredulous that Wyatt was pregnant again. They made her trending topic on Twitter and let loose with the jokes, memes and snarky comments. While Keke and her husband obviously embrace a large family, her public stature means she’s open to scrutiny and the judgment that comes with it.

She has yet to comment further, but it’s certainly possible she’d rather be trending for her music than her ability to give birth. But she also said she has a new YouTube show, “The Keke Show” that’s also on the way, so nosy folks can be all in her, her husband and her kids’ business. And, if you are paying attention, Keke has been married to hubby #3 for less than a year.

But we admit, we’re here for the jokes. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions.






What do you think – are people being too judgmental?

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