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Could singer Keke Wyatt be expecting?

That’s what fans are speculating after recent video of her performing shows her rubbing on her stomach, which looks more pronounced than it has over the last few months. 

Fans hit up her page with all kinds of questions and well-wishes, including “U pregnant again ?????” and “The Fertile Queen Baby.”

If Wyatt is indeed expecting, this will be her eighth child that she’s birthed, but her first with husband Zachariah Darring. She has three children from her first marriage, four from her marriage to Michael Ford, and she claimed a stepdaughter of Ford’s as her own when they were together.

Wyatt and Ford separated in 2017 while she was pregnant with their son, Kendall, which she tearfully shared with the world when it happened. She bounced back though, marrying Darring in October. The two linked up online and the sparks flew — and life also drastically improved.

“Life at this point, the fact that I’m laughing and smiling is a beautiful thing because I went through a really rough patch there for a while. For about a year,” she told TMZ in late 2018. “Y’all know about that video. That video of me looking like a desperate, dumb heifer. Honey, I was eight months pregnant, hormonal, and I thought I wanted something that wasn’t for me. Amen. And my baby fighting cancer. But now, a year later, my baby is cancer- free.”

She also said that she could count on Darring in a way that she realized she couldn’t with Ford.

“This man will never tell me, ‘Oh I’m tired of dealing with you. You’re pregnant. I’m tired of dealing with this cancer. I can’t deal with you, your mouth no more,’ like I’m not supposed to have emotional problems knowing my baby is on his death bed,” she added. “A 14-year-old child, lying in the bed, dying, that I gave birth to? And I’m an emotional, toxic wreck? No, ni–a, you are toxic and you are an emotional wreck!” she said. “And I’m eight months pregnant with your baby that I didn’t ask for that you wanted to give because you were horny? Ni–a, bye.”