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Keke Wyatt’s ex-husband, Michael Ford is firing back at her claims that he was toxic and walked out on their marriage while she was 8 months pregnant and their other child was fighting cancer. Now he’s gearing up to sue her for defamation.

While comparing her new man, Zachariah Darring, with her ex during a discussion with TMZ, Wyatt said:

“This man will never tell me, ‘Oh I’m tired of dealing with you. You’re pregnant. I’m tired of dealing with this cancer. I can’t deal with you, your mouth no more,’ like I’m not supposed to have emotional problems knowing my baby is on his deathbed. A 14-year-old child, lying in the bed, dying, that I gave birth to? And I’m an emotional, toxic wreck? No, ni–a, you are toxic and you are an emotional wreck!” she said. “And I’m eight months pregnant with your baby that I didn’t ask for that you wanted to give because you were horny? Ni–a, bye.”

Michael claims KeKe is spinning a web of lies and playing the victim role. He tells TMZ that he didn’t give up on their relationship, and claims the songstress is the one ignoring court orders by preventing him from seeing their children.

Hear him explain the drama in the clip above.

Meanwhile, Keke says she’s now happily married to Darring and her kid is cancer-free. Michael, on the other hand, says he’s lawyering up to go after Wyatt for defamation.

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2 thoughts on “Keke Wyatt’s Ex Husband Claims She’s Lying About Their Split, Plans To Sue Her For Defamation [Video]

  1. Shaunda Boo on said:

    I can remember when Keke and her ex-husband first came on Divas and they introduced him as a Pastor…
    What happened!!!
    Now there all over BAM with all this drama, maybe Keke should focus her energy on growing black children and not having a husband. Married already, again. Girl Bye. As for Michael, he isnt even worth speaking on. Just a regular Joe, famous off his ex wife. If not for her, we wouldnt even know who he is.

  2. Michelle Smith on said:

    Lord knows what the truth is. I apologize for speculating but has Michael always been chill, kinda thuggish,within grammar or body language?🤔 I’m use to seeing a chill outspoken Michael but this video shows another guy. No one stays the same, I know. Only God can judge. Continued prayers and blessings to all involved.🙏🏽💯❤😊

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