Physician and Author Dr. Ian Smith talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his newest book The Shred Power Cleanse, healthy eating goals and why he can’t get in formation with the liquid diets made popular by a certain celebrity. What happens when you lose weight too fast: “It’s the yo-yo effect. Your body is […]

  12/9/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with fitness coach Jasmine Graham to discuss how to handle meals and staying fit during the holidays “If something is gong to happen through your day, meetings, work, life, things can definitely get in your way. If you can’t get out, you can do something in your home. […]

We often hear trainers and fitness enthusiasts say “you have to eat right in order to lose weight.” While the idea is simple the action is more complex. In a recent Facebook post I asked what were some issues people faced when attempting to adopt healthier eating habits. Many responses were provided, but the top […]

  Exercise can be very beneficial for you. While you may focus on exercise primarily as a way for you to manage your weight, there…

NEW YORK (AP) — Hit-making producer Timbaland is used to people dancing to his beats at nightclubs, and now fans will get a chance to move to music he specifically designed for working out through a new partnership with Zumba. The man behind hits for Justin Timberlake and Jay Z is crafting songs for STRONG […]

Demarjay Smith drops some serious knowledge on getting ahead in life and what it takes to make your dreams come true.

Ever wonder if that statement is true? Believe me. It is. Working hard for 30 minutes in the gym won’t delete that burger and fries you had for lunch! Eating Healthy will. Numbers Tell the Story An average, intense workout with plenty of hard breathing and sweat burns 300-400 calories per hour. You finish your […]

Trying to lose weight but nothing is working? “The DL Hughley Show” ‘Top 10’ was all about ’10 Fitness Myths You Need To Stop Believing.’ Some of the list included that the more you sweat the more calories burned, squats are bad for your knees as well as you only lose weight by cutting carbs. […]

You spent the winter working hard. You exercised consistently. You ate healthy foods and watched your portion sizes. You greeted summer with energy and a toned, healthy body. Don’t give in to temptation! Summer brings relaxation and fun, but it can be cruel when it comes to fitness. Summer is an easy time to overindulge—ice […]

On top of making headlines for their scandalous behavior, accolades and relationship woes, celebrities often become known for their intense diet and fitness regimens—ahem, Beyoncé’s…

Fatherhood is not always easy. Neither is fitness. The Fit Fathers Foundation wants to assist Black fathers with both. The Foundation, located in Silver Spring, Maryland,  invites dads to get out of the house for a few hours of fitness, health awareness and fun on Father’s Day. The 3rd Annual “Fit Fathers Day” Celebration takes place June 19th, […]

Walking is a great form of exercise because you can can do it at any time, and it’s easy to include in your daily routine.…