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Last week we told you that singer Syleena Johnson had lost 50 pounds and was training to compete in her very first fitness/amateur bodybuilding fitness competition.

Well, over the weekend, the 43-year-old “Sister Circle” co-host officially took the stage for the NPC Texas Cup, looking bronzed and toned, posing it up in a sparkling bikini and clear heels while doing the women’s figure category. She took fans through her experience from start to finish on Instagram:

The beauty placed third in the competition, fifth place for “True Novice” and sixth place for “Novice.” She went home with three trophies and a sense of accomplishment.

She thanked her trainers, past and present, for not only inspiring her to take part in the show, but for also helping her to prepare to take the stage. According to Johnson, “They changed my mindset and body” and helped her to go from 236 pounds down to 179, pushing her through injuries and moments where she struggled.

“I would encourage anyone trying to reach a goal in fitness to hire a coach or trainer,” she told her followers. “I thank God for them.”

As previously mentioned, Johnson has been sharing her journey to get to her best shape on social media for months now. While it might have been a surprising move from the star for fans, she shared in her video series, #From1Stage2TheNext, that flexing her muscles on stage was something she’d wanted to do for years.

“This has been a longtime dream of mine. This is not something I just woke up yesterday and said I wanted to do,” she said. “I don’t want to live this life and not do all of the things that I think I can do. I just feel like we can accomplish our goals and dreams, all in this life. And so that’s what I’m doing. I’m just pursuing all of the dreams and desires and goals and wants that God puts in my belly. Being a fitness competitor is one of them. I will continue to compete hopefully with the grace of God, but the first competition, I just want to get on the stage.”

Since competing over the weekend, Johnson has indulged a tad. She shared with fans in her IG Stories that her first post-competition meal was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which she shared video of herself happily chowing down on.

She also showed up at Sister Circle on Monday in a swimsuit to stunt for her co-hosts and to share, with her team, how she made it all happen, as well as her cheat meal during training.