Fantastic Voyage 2018

It’s not that easy to stay on top in the music business. But Slim and Mike of 112 want you to know that it can be done if you stick to what got you in the game in the first place – good music and amazing performances. Although all R&B bands have the hiccups, as […]

D.C based balladeer Raheem DeVaughn doesn’t just make music – he lives it. The man known for love-making songs like “You” and “Guess Who Loves You More” and albums like The Love Experience (2005) and Love Sex Passion (2015) practices what he preaches. The father of three sons, DeVaughn says he comes from a long […]

Detroit crooner Dwele got his talent honestly. Not only was he raised in a musical family, he was born on Valentine’s Day. The now 40-year-old father who is best known for his sultry ballads has established himself as a go-to guy for the kind of music that gets babies made. Check out our interview with […]

  En Vogue may have a different lineup, but they still have the same powerhouse vocals. Original members Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis joined up with Rhona Bennett for the now trio’s first CD in 14 years. Electric Cafe reunited Cindy and Terry with the group’s original production team Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy. The […]

Recently I had the Blackest dream ever – I was at a big party with tons of fun people and near the end of the night, I was watching Black Panther on a big screen somewhere near the water. Eric Roberson and his wife sat down next to me. When Black Panther was over, there […]

Cozumel, baby! The Fantastic Voyage sailed on down the coast to Mexico where the big event for the day was the Beach Party. Well, at least that was the big event off the ship. On the ship, for the 24 finalists of the on-board Tyler Perry auditions, today was the nail-biting, nerve-wracking day where they […]

Hey, good people. The Fantastic Voyage sailed on with another fun day at sea heading down from Montego Bay Jamaica to Cozumel, Mexico. Today started with the 8 a.m. Crazy Conditioning Class – I’d love to know who made that one because y’all are the real MVP’s. For the rest of us, sleeping in was […]

Jamaica, Jamaica! The Fantastic Voyage docked in Montego Bay, Jamaica for its first stop on land. And some folks took full advantage, heading out to partake in the sights, sounds and souvenirs that Jamaica offers. Cruisers headed to the beaches, the mountains and Margaritaville, the restaurant chain made famous by singer Jimmy Buffett. The Wolf […]

Let me share a very important piece of advice for potential Fantastic Voyage travelers. Do you currently own just one or two pieces of luggage? Are you one of those light packing, ‘I don’t want to pay baggage fees’ type of people? Because if so, you’re going to have to make some changes. One, have […]

Ladies and gentleman, I have a confession to make. I can’t hang. I am ashamed to say that your grandmamas were out later than me. Evidently they’ve been on this cruise before and have figured out how to manage their schedules. They’ve learned the proper hydration techniques, they’ve figured out how to eat for fuel […]

Only on the Fantastic Voyage can you find Marvin Sapp and Pastor Shirley giving a sermon on Sunday morning and the bar is open and ready to give out drinks! Tom and the crew can confirm that the Fantastic Voyage is the only place that something like that happens! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET […]

Have you ever been to a cookout, boat ride, pool party, music festival, family reunion, old school basement party and sorority/fraternity conference all at the same time? Then you haven’t been to the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage presented by Denny’s. There’s a reason why it’s a bucket list item for so many people. As […]