Eric Benet has new music coming with Faith Evans, Tamia and Chaka Khan, plus a new anthology series on ALLBLK titled 'Snap.'

Thousands of couple across the world have probably used “Spend My Life With You” as their wedding song. Tamia and Eric Benet sounded like a perfect combination back when the song dropped in June 1999. Luckily for us, the duo teamed up again to perform the song together on Tamia’s Instagram account – and over […]

Eric Benet goes back at least 20 years with the TJMS and he can’t believe it’s coming to an end. Benet credits Tom with keeping “so many people employed,” and being an icon. The very first time he went to the studio he remembers being so nervous but the crew “made a new artist feel […]

Singer Eric Benet has some thoughts on rappers and White Supremacy that Fat Joe is just feeling. If you haven ‘t heard, the other day Benet post his thoughts on Instagram saying “rich and famous” rappers that glorify the darker sides of hip-hop are proxies to white supremacy. Of course Fat Joe, being a high profile rapper, doesn’t take kindly to […]


From barefoot dreadlocked troubadour to suave standard-bearer for contemporary R&B. Eric Benét may have changed his look, but one thing has remained consistent: his dedication to crafting authentic music that engages the soul. “I’m not chasing any current whatevers,” says Benét, a four-time Grammy Award nominee. “It’s about music that gives me goose bumps and touches my […]

Here’s a look at some of our awesome In Studio Jams! Enjoy!

Eric Benet is known for his love songs, so we thought it would be fun to play a game of true or false with crazy relationship headlines. How do you think he did? Watch the video to find out! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram

You asked and we got the four-time Grammy nominee (random: how has he not won a Grammy? After all these years? And all these hits?) Eric Benet to answer your first date questions. And just in time for Valentine’s Day too! What should a woman wear on the first date? Is kissing a good idea? […]

On the heels of his 20th anniversary, Eric Benet is a beautiful reminder that consistency and great music is all you need to win. The four-time Grammy nominee has returned to his first love with his latest self-titled album Eric Benet. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his growing family, Prince and […]