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From barefoot dreadlocked troubadour to suave standard-bearer for contemporary R&B. Eric Benét may have changed his look, but one thing has remained consistent: his dedication to crafting authentic music that engages the soul.

“I’m not chasing any current whatevers,” says Benét, a four-time Grammy Award nominee. “It’s about music that gives me goose bumps and touches my soul. That’s always been a good barometer for me.”

Case in point: the singer-songwriter’s latest top 5 Urban AC single, “Sunshine.” The pure soul/R&B track provides the perfect backdrop for Benét’s heartfelt reflections on a relationship that has lost its spark. The hit has since sparked a remix version featuring Tamia—the singer’s memorable duet partner on his career breakthrough hit, 1999’s “Spend My Life with You.”


1. Eric Benet performs “Sometimes I Cry”

Eric Benet performs “Sometimes I Cry”

2. Eric Benet performs “Georgy Porgy”

Eric Benet performs “Georgy Porgy”

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